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Angelina County Civil War Pension Applications N-Z


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Claimant Name Application Number County Husband Husband's Application Number
Nealy, J. H. 22761 Angelina    
Nerren, Ben F. 30270 Angelina    
Nerren, Lorenzo D. 00052 Angelina    
Nesbit, A. (Mrs) 46642 Angelina Nesbit, James  
O'Quinn, Amanda 17293 Angelina O'Quinn, John A.  
O'Quinn, Brit 09952 Angelina    
O'Quinn, John A. rej Angelina    
O'Quinn, Margaret 17294 Angelina O'Quinn, James J.  
O'Quinn, Trecie Ann 12252 Angelina O'Quinn, Brit 09952
Oates, H. E. (Mrs) 43749 Angelina Oates, John Washington 24843
Oates, John Washington 24843 Angelina    
Odum, James T. 14581 Angelina    
Oliver, T. J. 17286 Angelina    
Outman, James 11287 Angelina    
Page, Louisa C. 00036 Angelina Page, Moses  
Page, Sarah 09972 Angelina Page, Charles  
Parish, Nancy Ann 09973 Angelina Parish, William  
Parker, John C. 00044 Angelina    
Parrish, Pearson H. 09957 Angelina    
Pate, J. T. 13198 Angelina    
Patts, W. B. 29087 Angelina    
Payne, George Ruben 29546 Angelina    
Pearson, John T. 14582 Angelina    
Peavy, W. A. 28608 Angelina    
Poindexter, Robert Linn 14583 Angelina    
Poindexter, Robert Linn (Mrs) 41631 Angelina Poindexter, Robert Linn 14583
Poland, Louisa E. 14584 Angelina Poland, James W.  
Pool, S. Thomas 17285 Angelina    
Potts, W. B. rej Angelina    
Red, Ancel M. 14585 Angelina    
Red, Cane W. 29547 Angelina    
Red, Samuel C. 14586 Angelina    
Renfro, I. P. 22253 Angelina    
Reynolds, Oliver P. 09971 Angelina    
Rice, Thomas F. 00032 Angelina    
Richardson, Mollie 38327 Angelina Richardson, J. A. 22306
Ricks, Casper A. 34608 Angelina    
Roberts, Elisha 00065 Angelina    
Roden, W. A. rej Angelina    
Rodrigues, Mary 21077 Angelina Rodrigues, Raymond  
Ross, William 06207 Angelina    
Rowin, Abe rej Angelina    
Rozell, James Nathaniel (Mrs) 33043 Angelina Rozell, James Nathaniel  
Runnells, Jason S. rej Angelina    
Runnels, Fannie 35244 Angelina Runnels, James Franklin 31851
Runnels, James Franklin 31851 Angelina    
Rush, Charles A. 39006 Angelina    
Rushton, J. C. rej Angelina    
Russell, Eliza 35793 Angelina Russell, Joseph Sharp 21412
Russell, George D. 14587 Angelina    
Russell, Henry W. 14588 Angelina    
Russell, James E. 00055 Angelina    
Russell, M. K. (Mrs) 31655 Angelina Russell, Henry W. 14588
Russell, Mattie 51967 Angelina Russell, William A. 20766
Russell, Nancy rej Angelina Russell, John Jackson  
Russell, Nancy Amelia 21123 Angelina Russell, George D. 14587
Russell, William A. 20766 Angelina    
Ryan, John F. rej Angelina    
Sanders, James J. 00073 Angelina    
Sanders, Martha E. 10311 Angelina Sanders, James J. 00073
Sanders, R. F. 37017 Angelina    
Sanford, E. M. (Mrs) 43954 Angelina Arrington, Arthur  
Sapp, James M. 20200 Angelina    
Sayers, Florence S. 34992 Angelina Sayers, James L. 12684
Sayers, James L. 12684 Angelina    
Scarbrough, Maria J. 00035 Angelina Scarbrough, Monroe  
Scroggins, Margaret 17067 Angelina Scroggins, Fieldon  
Shannon, G. A. (Mrs) 22081 Angelina Shannon, Lafayette  
Shelton, Kate Wade 49757 Angelina Wade, Andrew Jackson  
Shepherd, Mattie Jane rej Angelina Shepherd, Thomas Jefferson 24093
Shepherd, Thomas Jefferson 24093 Angelina    
Sims, James L. rej Angelina    
Sims, Mary A. 11334 Angelina Sims, James L.  
Sisson, C. L. (Mrs) 38423 Angelina Sisson, Charles L. 14589
Sisson, Charles L. 14589 Angelina    
Small, Samuel W. 09915 Angelina    
Small, Susan 19619 Angelina Small, Samuel W. 09915
Smith, B. J. (Mrs) 24021 Angelina Smith, Lawrence  
Smith, James M. 00071 Angelina    
Smith, John T. 42936 Angelina    
Smith, Martha E. 09673 Angelina Smith, James M.  
Smith, N. J. (Mrs) 24763 Angelina Smith, William Henry  
Smith, Willafred S. 00060 Angelina    
Spears, Walter C. 14590 Angelina    
Spence, Amanda 00033 Angelina Spence, Bluford  
Stafford, James L. rej Angelina    
Stanley, Sidney S. (Mrs) 46207 Angelina Stanley, Sidney S.  
Stanley, Stephen L. 09916 Angelina    
Stanley, Susan C. 00025 Angelina Stanley, John C.  
Stevens, Stephen D. 00053 Angelina    
Stinson, Emma Hudiburgh 36128 Angelina Hudiburgh, Samuel Soloman  
Stovall, Sallie P. 20528 Angelina Stovall, Dave M. 12647
Stringer, Joel 00041 Angelina    
Tanner, Isaac E. 14591 Angelina    
Thomas, Jane L. 20028 Angelina Thomas, James H. F.  
Thomas, John P. 24811 Angelina    
Thompson, Angeline 00028 Angelina Thompson, Thomas  
Thompson, John N. 22261 Angelina    
Thompson, John N. (Mrs) 40439 Angelina Thompson, John N. 22261
Thompson, Martha Ann 20767 Angelina Thompson, James  
Thompson, Mary Susan 26592 Angelina Thompson, William Thomas  
Thompson, Melvina S. 14592 Angelina Thompson, Robert M. 04928
Thompson, R. W. (Mrs) 33259 Angelina Thompson, Reuben W. 14593
Thompson, Reuben W. 14593 Angelina    
Thurman, Liucie A. 08953 Angelina Thurman, Reden  
Tillman, J. E. Martin (Mrs) rej Angelina Martin, John  
Trahan, Mary S. 51338 Angelina Trahan, Perry William 30599
Trahan, Perry William 30599 Angelina    
Traweek, Nancy 20720 Angelina Traweek, Stephen Thomas  
Treadwell, James rej Angelina    
Treadwell, Joseph B. 17288 Angelina    
Treadwell, S. E. (Mrs) 18815 Angelina Treadwell, Richard L.  
Truett, S. E. (Mrs) 37549 Angelina Truett, Wiley P. 19638
Truett, W. High 28257 Angelina    
Truett, Wiley P. 19638 Angelina    
Tucker, Polly 10526 Angelina Tucker, Samuel 09131
Tucker, Samuel 09131 Angelina    
Turner, Martha J. 14594 Angelina Turner, Rice R. 05322
Vardeman, John B. 00074 Angelina    
Varner, Eli F. 46569 Angelina    
Vaughn, Jesse H. 33178 Angelina    
Vaughn, Jesse H. (Mrs) 51571 Angelina Vaughn, Jesse H. 33178
Veitch, J. W. 06205 Angelina    
Wade, Kate 49757 Angelina Wade, Andrew Jackson  
Walis, Lucinda 14111 Angelina Walis, Louis  
Walker, Elizabeth 24926 Angelina Walker, Casper  
Walker, John Noble 22489 Angelina    
Walker, S. A. (Mrs) 18651 Angelina Walker, Mathew J. 09922
Warner, Louisa C. (Delia) 08208 Angelina Warner, Francis M.  
Warren, Calvin W. rej Angelina    
Warren, Henry C. 26119 Angelina    
Warver, C. D. 28970 Angelina    
Watkins, William F. 17287 Angelina    
Watson, Mary T. rej Angelina Watson, William  
Weaver, Alice 51205 Angelina Weaver, Joel William 18653
Weaver, Joel William 18653 Angelina    
Weaver, L. C. rej Angelina    
Weaver, Larkin C. rej Angelina    
Weaver, M. C. (Mrs) 24447 Angelina Weaver, George James Henson Thomason  
Weaver, William J. 08954 Angelina    
Weeks, Blancha 17177 Angelina Weeks, John W.  
Weeks, Deliah 00037 Angelina Weeks, John R.  
Weeks, J. W. rej Angelina    
Weeks, Nancy 17176 Angelina Weeks, Zed  
Weeks, Wiley F. rej Angelina    
Weisinger, Nancy C. 00045 Angelina Weisinger, John M.  
Welch, J. S. rej Angelina    
Wheeler, W. H. rej Angelina    
White, Mary Ann 06204 Angelina White, James T.  
White, Mary E. rej Angelina White, Henry Harrison  
Whitehead, Susan Priscilla 42073 Angelina Whitehead, William Walter 29171
Whitehead, William W. rej Angelina    
Widner, Mike 23327 Angelina    
Wiley, Mattie 40712 Angelina Wiley, James K. Polk  
Williams, James Madison 00062 Angelina    
Williams, James Madison (Mrs) 41494 Angelina Williams, James Madison 00062
Williams, Josiah 00050 Angelina    
Williams, Nancy 10527 Angelina Williams, William J. 00070
Williams, Nathan M. 36627 Angelina    
Williams, Obedience J. 07554 Angelina    
Williams, William J. 00070 Angelina    
Wilson, J. L. (Mrs) 22758 Angelina Wilson, Pleasant Redden  
Wilson, Jane L. 14595 Angelina Wilson, Pleasant R.  
Woods, Oliver J. 00031 Angelina    
Woods, Sallie 20768 Angelina Woods, William B.  
Woods, William B. 14596 Angelina    
Wright, Christopher C. 14597 Angelina    
Wright, Martha E. 04639 Angelina Wright, Isaac E.  
Yarbrough, Nimrod P. 22964 Angelina    
York, Harrison 14598 Angelina    
York, M. E. (Mrs) 36524 Angelina York, Harrison 14598
Young, M. L. (Mrs) 38780 Angelina Young, William Joseph 13199
Young, William Joseph 13199 Angelina    





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