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Angelina County Civil War Pension Applications A-M


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Claimant Name Application Number County Husband Husband's Application Number
Adams, Tabitha Goodwin 38153 Angelina Goodwin, Ike  
Addison, Britton 04638 Angelina    
Agee, Emily V. 51326 Angelina Agee, R. E. 28968
Agee, R. E. 28968 Angelina    
Albritton, T. M. (Mrs) 34345 Angelina Albritton, George Washington  
Alexander, Thomas J. 14558 Angelina    
Allbritton, George W. 00054 Angelina    
Allbritton, John 13692 Angelina    
Allbritton, Mary Ann 39800 Angelina Allbritton, Elam M.  
Allbritton, Ruth 38779 Angelina Allbritton, John 13692
Alldredge, Martin V. 23525 Angelina    
Alldredge, Mary J. 37899 Angelina Alldredge, Martin V. 23525
Allen, H. H. 25330 Angelina    
Allen, John B. 14559 Angelina    
Almond, W. G. 37437 Angelina    
Ament, Ellen Idel 35662 Angelina Ament, Anthoney Gholson 35324
Anderson, Rubin Bishop 04636 Angelina    
Angell, M. L. (Mrs) 38828 Angelina Angell, James Wilbur  
Arnold, Martha Ann 50995 Angelina Arnold, James Benjamin  
Arnold, William 22759 Angelina    
Arrington, Nancy 22740 Angelina Arrington, Sterling James  
Ashworth, Henrietta 00042 Angelina Ashworth, Eli  
Ashworth, Joshua Harrison 29002 Angelina    
Ashworth, Sub 12251 Angelina    
Ashworth, U. V. (Mrs) 41832 Angelina Ashworth, Joshua Harrison 29002
Athey, William Wesley (Mrs) 46209 Angelina Athey, William Wesley  
Auding, S. 00043 Angelina    
Beard, James A. 00057 Angelina    
Beasley, E. A. 28568 Angelina    
Beasley, Mary 31037 Angelina Beasley, E. A. 28568
Beheller, Jennie 14605 Angelina Beheller, Marshall B.  
Bell, John F. 08952 Angelina    
Bell, Martha 37348 Angelina Bell, Mathew 03283
Berry, Sarah E. 37529 Angelina Berry, W. M.  
Binion, E. C. (Mrs) 29852 Angelina Binion, Algernon Hamilton  
Black, H. A. 13197 Angelina    
Bloomfield, L. 23545 Angelina    
Bloomfield, Nannie 37181 Angelina Bloomfield, L. 23545
Borge, A. C. (Mrs) 26018 Angelina Borge, Calson McKeiner  
Boykin, Susan 17290 Angelina Boykin, William Y.  
Brack, S. C. (Mrs) 30473 Angelina Brack, Robert Toombs  
Brashears, Elizabeth 00026 Angelina Brashears, Jesse W.  
Brazil, M. A. (Mrs) 29839 Angelina Brazil, Andrew Jackson  
Breazeale, Ann 18577 Angelina Breazeale, John  
Breazeale, David Jenkins 17178 Angelina    
Breazeale, Manda A. 33724 Angelina Breazeale, Marshall E.  
Breazeale, Victoria 41983 Angelina Breazeale, David Jenkins 17178
Brewer, Sarah F. 26583 Angelina Brewer, James Augustus  
Brim, John D. 10557 Angelina    
Brookshire, J. W. 00058 Angelina    
Brookshire, Margaret Ann 10813 Angelina Brookshire, J. W. 00058
Brown, Cynthia Caroline 17289 Angelina Brown, William H.  
Brown, John F. 09132 Angelina    
Brown, Millie A. 12253 Angelina Brown, John F. 09132
Burke, Emma L. 34550 Angelina Burke, James Dowen 29611
Burke, James Dowen 29611 Angelina    
Burke, Rebecca Jane 14560 Angelina Burke, James Monroe  
Burnham, William T. 14561 Angelina    
Burns, Andrew S. 00048 Angelina    
Burns, Mary A. 09134 Angelina Burns, Andrew S. 00048
Butler, J. K. 37528 Angelina    
Calvery, John H. 00069 Angelina    
Campbell, M. L. (Mrs) 32899 Angelina Campbell, Walter D.  
Cantrell, Maggie E. 08608 Angelina Cantrell, James R.  
Caples, Nancy Ann 46095 Angelina Caples, Thomas Richard  
Carnoline, William rej Angelina    
Carrell, Thomas I. 14562 Angelina    
Carrell, Thomas I. (Mrs) 42534 Angelina Carrell, Thomas I. 14562
Carter, F. M. rej Angelina    
Carter, Minerva Shelfer 49384 Angelina Carter, Mike C.  
Chancy, Catherine 04652 Angelina Chancy, John C.  
Chancy, Randolph 20027 Angelina    
Chaney, Thomas 17283 Angelina    
Christie, Ellen 22765 Angelina Christie, John C.  
Christy, John rej Angelina    
Clark, Robert Harrison (Mrs) 45087 Angelina Clark, Robert Harrison 29339
Clark, Virgil A. 07553 Angelina    
Clayton, Mary Ann 00029 Angelina Clayton, William A.  
Clevenger, Margaret M. rej Angelina Clevenger, William  
Clevenger, Margarett M. 20102 Angelina Clevenger, William  
Cloyd, B. F. 08610 Angelina    
Collins, William L. Sr. 00049 Angelina    
Cook, J. D. 28957 Angelina    
Courtney, G. A. (Mrs) 36458 Angelina Courtney, Reuben William 14565
Courtney, Reuben William 14565 Angelina    
Courtney, Vinson M. 14564 Angelina    
Coward, John N. 17284 Angelina    
Cox, V. C. (Mrs) 25052 Angelina Cox, Elias 01781
Crager, Martin 00059 Missing Angelina    
Crager, Mary J. 35492 Angelina Crager, Francis A.  
Crane, Elizabeth 31792 Angelina Crane, Jerry C. 00051
Crane, Jerry C. 00051 Angelina    
Crane, Nick 14563 Angelina    
Crawford, George W. 04637 Angelina    
Crozier, M. E. (Mrs) 48053 Angelina Crozier, Thomas Boston  
Daniels, Mary G. 46132 Angelina Daniels, Hope Hull  
Davis, F. E. 28955 Angelina    
Davis, Susan H. 00067 Angelina Davis, Harrison  
Day, Susan R. 17292 Angelina Day, Eli A.  
Deal, C. (Mrs) 28609 Angelina Deal, James Franklin  
Dees, John W. 23915 Angelina    
Dees, Mary 30355 Angelina Dees, John W. 23915
Dees, Nancy 00066 Angelina Dees, Andrew J.  
Dehart, P. N. Rhodes (Mrs) 46849 Angelina Rhodes, Barney R.  
Denman, T. J. (Mrs) 49654 Angelina Denman, Felix Gilbert  
Dixon, George Franklin 00040 Angelina    
Dixon, Martha V. 25051 Angelina Dixon, George Franklin 00040
Driver, Ichabod 00056 Angelina    
Dudley, Mary 20026 Angelina Dudley, Elijah Nelson  
Duncan, T. W. 34192 Angelina    
Dunkin, M. L. (Mrs) 40460 Angelina Dunkin, Robert Alexander 09969
Dunkin, Robert Alexander 09969 Angelina    
Durrett, T. H. 31320 Angelina    
Durrett, T. H. (Mrs) 37830 Angelina Durrett, T. H. 31320
Ellis, M. E. (Mrs) rej Angelina Ellis, Spencer Decab  
Evans, Almira H. 28611 Angelina Evans, John Wesley  
Everett, P. R. 22215 Angelina    
Everitt, Mary L. rej Angelina Everitt, James C.  
Fairchild, George Washington 18816 Angelina    
Fenley, Annie B. 14483 Angelina Fenley, Z. R.  
Fenley, Jane E. 14566 Angelina Fenley, John M. 00068
Fenley, John M. 00068 Angelina    
Fitzgerald, J. T. 28610 Angelina    
Flournoy, B. E. V. (Mrs) 33424 Angelina Flournoy, W. W. 20371
Flournoy, W. W. 20371 Angelina    
Flowers, Canzada 00024 Angelina Flowers, Charley  
Ford, M. A. (Mrs) 12250 Angelina Ford, T. G.  
Forrest, J. F. (Mrs) 36211 Angelina Forrest, George Washington  
Forrest, Martha Elender 14568 Angelina Forrest, James C.  
Forrest, W. M. (Mrs) 38597 Angelina Forrest, William M. 14567
Forrest, William M. 14567 Angelina    
Foster, C. 46570 Angelina    
Foster, Drucilla Elizabeth 48036 Angelina Foster, C. 46570
Free, William B. 00061 Angelina    
Fulcrod, Ada Gray 46367 Angelina Fulcrod, Philip  
Fuller, B. J. 08611 Angelina    
Fuller, Elija P. 27251 Angelina    
Fuller, Elija P. (Mrs) 38912 Angelina Fuller, Elija P. 27251
Fuller, Ella 14569 Angelina Fuller, Bryan Jackson  
Gann, William 01870 Missing Angelina    
Gibson, C. C. (Mrs) 26398 Angelina Gibson, Arasmus  
Gibson, Elizabeth B. 17291 Angelina Gibson, James  
Gilliland, R. E. (Mrs) 36430 Angelina Gilliland, James Lucien  
Glass, B. H. 21126 Angelina    
Glenn, Hattie H. 14510 Angelina Glenn, William N.  
Graham, Mary A. 39525 Angelina Graham, Demps Elijah  
Grier, Martha E. rej Angelina Grier, John A.  
Grimes, Daniel 14526 Angelina    
Grimes, Nancy H. 00027 Angelina Grimes, Pleasant  
Grimes, Polly 14527 Angelina Grimes, James K.  
Guinn, J. H. P. 26333 Angelina    
Guinn, Sarah E. 14570 Angelina Guinn, Henry M. T.  
Guinn, Sarah E. 43052 Angelina Guinn, Leonidas Hannibal Washington  
Haley, Erliffa Isabell 08609 Angelina Haley, Thomas B.  
Haley, Thomas B. rej Angelina    
Hall, Rachel E. 00034 Angelina Hall, William Riley  
Ham, A. H. (Mrs) 31091 Angelina Ham, A. H.  
Hambrick, E. M. 29850 Angelina    
Hambrick, M. J. Harvard 36384 Angelina Harvard, Thomas  
Hambrick, Martha rej Angelina Hambrick, John Harreson (hamrick) 36707
Hammett, Mattie E. 28894 Angelina Hammett, Wiley  
Hanks, Alice T. 31711 Angelina Hanks, John Veach  
Hanks, James Peter (Mrs) 47557 Angelina Hanks, James Peter 19888
Hardin, Griffin 00030 Angelina    
Hardin, Mary J. 38411 Angelina Hardin, Griffin 00030
Harris, Frank M. rej Angelina    
Harrison, W. H. 09970 Angelina    
Hartman, John P. 36593 Angelina    
Hartman, John P. (Mrs) 52063 Angelina Hartman, John P. 36593
Havard, Candacy C. 00072 Angelina Havard, Walter  
Havard, Frances 19589 Angelina Havard, William F.  
Havard, M. A. (Mrs) 50696 Angelina Havard, P. T.  
Havard, Nancy J. 00075 Angelina Havard, Benajah W.  
Havard, Nancy M. 10525 Angelina Havard, J. J.  
Havard, Pleasant T. 10556 Angelina    
Havard, S. James 30603 Angelina    
Havard, Susan 18702 Angelina Havard, Charles  
Hawkins, Mary 14571 Angelina Hawkins, John M.  
Haygood, Benjamin Crawford 22764 Angelina    
Haygood, Jane 36210 Angelina Haygood, Benjamin Crawford 22764
Heaberlin, Laura Jennette 45946 Angelina Heaberlin, John Machiel  
Hensarling, Mary 14572 Angelina Hensarling, Jesse G.  
Herrington, Catherine rej Angelina Herrington, James  
Hicks, James 08543 Missing Angelina    
Hill, Missouri D. 37158 Angelina Hill, J. W. 07973
Hobbs, Sarah J. 14573 Angelina Hobbs, Charles C.  
Holland, Charles G. 39548 Angelina    
Hooper, E. M. (Mrs) 33479 Angelina Hooper, Henry Harrison  
Horton, Sarah L. 14574 Angelina Horton, Thomas  
Horton, Thomas rej Angelina    
Ivy, Allice 00047 Angelina Ivy, Cyrus  
Ivy, Jameson (Jimerson) W. 14575 Angelina    
Ivy, Jimerson (Jameson) W. (Mrs) 40057 Angelina Ivy, Jimerson (jameson) W. 14575
Jackson, Eugenia Pauline 45810 Angelina Jackson, Robert Sidney  
Johnson, Bettie 40012 Angelina Johnson, William M. 06375
Johnson, John R. 14576 Angelina    
Johnson, Mary Ann 00046 Angelina Johnson, George W.  
Johnson, William M. 06375 Angelina    
Jones, A. C. (Champ) 17280 Angelina    
Jones, Eveline 10812 Angelina Jones, C. Frank
Jones, John F. 07751 Angelina    
Jones, Newton C. 13580 Angelina    
Jones, Susan J. 14577 Angelina Jones, William M.  
Jordan, Lizzie 25958 Angelina Jordan, William Henry  
Jumper, A. J. 25349 Angelina    
Kennedy, Edward Moore 20037 Angelina    
Kennedy, Mary E. 46577 Angelina Kennedy, Algernon Clifton  
Key, Eleanor S. 14482 Angelina Key, A. J.  
King, M. 49749 Angelina    
King, Thomas A. 10811 Angelina    
Knight, Richard A. 43605 Angelina    
Laird, J. B. 31848 Angelina    
Lakey, Maggie 19602 Angelina Lakey, Noah 06206
Lakey, Noah 06206 Angelina    
Langston, Phemy rej Angelina Langston, John M. 14157
Largent, L. A. (Mrs) 50434 Angelina Largent, William  
Larue, James 08923 Angelina    
Larue, Martha J. 18772 Angelina Larue, James 08923
Lawrence, Annie 09425 Angelina Lawrence, John 00064
Lawrence, John 00064 Angelina    
Leach, William R. 36224 Angelina    
Lee, James Harris 23813 Angelina    
Lee, James Harris (Mrs) 43643 Angelina Lee, James Harris 23813
Legg, Harrison L. 00039 Angelina    
Lewis, Dempsey D. 17281 Angelina    
Lewis, W. T. 29548 Angelina    
Lindsey, B. B. 25838 Angelina    
Livingston, Paralee Virginia 45471 Angelina Livingston, Edward Daniel  
Lott, Joshua 13693 Angelina    
Love, J. H. rej Angelina    
Love, James Henry 50484 Angelina    
Love, James Henry (Mrs) 51653 Angelina Love, James Henry 50484
Lowe, C. H. rej Angelina    
Lowe, S. A. (Mrs) 40850 Angelina Lowe, William Leon 30440
Lunsford, Laura A. 08054 Angelina Lunsford, S. P.  
Mann, Mary 14484 Angelina Mann, James R.  
Mantooth, Sarah L. 48045 Angelina Mantooth, C.  
Marshall, C. K. 09133 Angelina    
Marshall, Elizabeth T. 14578 Angelina Marshall, Smith  
Marshall, Joseph W. rej Angelina    
Martin, Alonzo E. rej Angelina    
Martin, Joseph F. 31581 Angelina    
Martin, Lonzo 25293 Angelina    
Massingill, Annie Lawrence 09425 Angelina Lawrence, John 00064
Massingill, George W. 17282 Angelina    
Massingill, John 00063 Angelina    
Massingill, William J. 39184 Angelina    
Mathews, J. D. (Mrs) 32744 Angelina Mathews, John D. 20721
Mathews, John D. 20721 Angelina    
McAdams, John W. 00038 Angelina    
McCall, Lucy W. 09917 Angelina McCall, Moses E.  
McCann, T. S. rej Angelina    
McCarty, M. E. (Mrs) 31465 Angelina McCarty, Elias D.  
McClendon, Margaret G. 13691 Angelina McClendon, Thomas B.  
McClendon, William M. 19480 Angelina    
McConnell, Joseph C. 10312 Angelina    
McGaughey, F. M. (Mrs) 22246 Angelina McGaughey, William Ewing  
McIntosh, C. E. (Mrs) 41415 Angelina McIntosh, George Washington 30675
McIntosh, George Washington 30675 Angelina    
McMickle, Celeste E. 41087 Angelina McMickle, Homer Virgil 25685
McMickle, Homer Virgil 25685 Angelina    
McMullen, Ephriam Henry Foster 23982 Angelina    
McMullen, Sallie J. 38323 Angelina McMullen, Ephriam Henry Foster 23982
McNairy, Boyd Harrison 19616 Angelina    
McNairy, Emma Francis 34869 Angelina McNairy, Boyd Harrison 19616
Medford, N. L. (Mrs) 46403 Angelina Medford, Green K.  
Milam, T. J. 29607 Angelina    
Miles, California Cylvester 26082 Angelina    
Miles, Mary M. 42407 Angelina Miles, California Cylvester 26082
Million, Kate rej Angelina Million, Milledge  
Mills, James Moses 26206 Angelina    
Morehead, A. N. (Mrs) 34163 Angelina Morehead, George Washington 30545
Morehead, G. W. 30271 Angelina    
Morehead, George Washington 30545 Angelina    
Mosley, James 09796 Angelina    
Mott, H. P. 14579 Angelina    
Mott, Thomas L. 21335 Angelina    
Murphy, William B. 13158 Angelina    
Myers, E. M. (Mrs) rej Angelina Myers, R. M. 14580
Myers, Eula 37883 Angelina Myers, Richard (dick) M. 14580
Myers, Richard M. 14580 Angelina    




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