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Angelina County, Texas Marriages (Sorted by Groom T-V)

12/29/1887 Tapley, R. E. Courtney, Susie
3/24/1895 Tappen, Robert Williams, Mrs. Emma J.
11/6/1881 Tate, W. J. B. Anderson, M. E.
12/23/1875 Taylor, Albert Holt, Edny
12/22/1893 Taylor, Bass Canady, Juda
1/26/1896 Taylor, Charley Haygood, Joella
6/30/1891 Taylor, Clark Thorn, Emma
9/28/1895 Taylor, Daniel Barnaby, Almeda
1/3/1856 Taylor, George W. Davis, Jane
12/23/1886 Taylor, Hal Pinson, Francis
12/16/1885 Taylor, Henry Hug' Clinton, Isabell
9/10/1867 Taylor, James Parish, Margaret
1/14/1888 Taylor, W. A. Haygood, Mrs. Ella
7/14/1894 Taylor, William Simpson, Leah
8/9/1860 Taylor, William M. Branton, Mary
1/3/1866 Teadwell, James Scarbrough, Tennessee
1/10/1897 Teer, J. M. Carpenter, M. E.
1/1/1882 Teer, J. W. Hemphill, Margaret
2/1/1852 Teer, James Price, Easter Adeline
7/17/1873 Teer, James W. Stevens, Margaret
12/29/1870 Tennell, Isaac Shelby, Elizabeth
12/24/1887 Thomas, C. H. Word, Ella
11/22/1896 Thomas, J. W. Matthews, B. A.
2/22/1866 Thomas, James Oats, Lucretia J.
1/5/1888 Thomas, Scot Maddox, Mahaly
12/24/1866 Thomason, Victor M. Townsen, Mary F.
11/9/1893 Thompson, E. L. Spencer, Ella
8/19/1897 Thompson, I. S. Shannon, Becky
1/5/1885 Thompson, J. A. Luce, Mrs. Sarah
11/13/1865 Thompson, J. N. Cochran, Jane H.
11/16/1852 Thompson, James Goodwin, Martha A.
3/13/1872 Thompson, James A. Treadwell, E. F.
1/1/1877 Thompson, Jno. W. Colwell, Mary C.
2/22/1893 Thompson, Joe Carns, Mary
8/14/1890 Thompson, John Keysy, Mary Martha
4/27/1884 Thompson, K. D. Woods, A. B.
10/18/1882 Thompson, L. D. Cassells, Mary E.
5/18/1870 Thompson, N. Ruby, Mrs. Sarah J.
7/5/1895 Thompson, Ned Sellet, Minnie
12/5/1882 Thompson, R. W. Houston, Mrs. H. G.
5/1/1885 Thompson, W. H. Gann, Mary A. L.
1/14/1870 Threadgill, Joseph B. Gann, N. C.
7/5/1869 Threadgill, Louis Hall, M. A.
3/18/1881 Tidler, J. J. Jones, Mattie J.
3/29/1892 Tilles, Joe Williams, Nola
1818/1894 Tindel, Amos Husbands, Celia
1/23/1896 Tiner, O. W. H. Vance, Nannie
7/28/1897 Tiner, W. J. Roberts, Delida
11/17/1897 Todd, A. M. Birdsong, Mrs. Jane
4/11/1897 Toohey, P. H. Ham, Sallie
2/17/1881 Townsend, John Denmon, Sarah
5/7/1881 Townsend, T. J. Ferguson, Mrs. M. C.
7/4/1872 Townsend, W. J. Gilliland, D. C.
3/13/1884 Towsend, John Denman, Mrs. Sarah
4/22/1849 Track, Stephen T. Fulcher, Nancy
12/28/1896 Trahan Or Toahan, J. W. Laird, M. E.
12/26/1897 Travathan, B. Jordan, Addie A.
2/5/1871 Traweek, H. P. Nearen. S. M.
9/6/1885 Treadwell, Stephen J. Robb, A. M.
8/18/1885 Trenathan, William B. Weeks, Sheba Jane
1/20/1881 Trevatahan, Thomas Powell, N.
10/10/1897 Truett, Hiram Allen, Mrs. M. Fannie
2/9/1888 Tubbe, J. A. Oats, N. C.
11/8/1893 Tubbs, William P. Nerren, Lougenia
3/16/1876 Tucker, A. V. Barley, E. J.
9/11/1895 Tucker, A. V. Colston Or Coulson, Mollie
4/25/1886 Tucker, I. J. Henson, Savanah
8/19/1860 Tucker, S. M. Eavans, Polly H.
12/19/1894 Tucker, S. M. Edwards, Nannie
10/16/1887 Tuller Or Fuller, B. J. York, S. W.
10/25/1888 Turner, E. E. Fry, E. J.
6/5/1895 Turner, George Henderson, Nola
8/19/1893 Turner, J. W. Rhoden, Mrs. M. L.
5/14/1893 Turner, Joe Fear, Mrs. Sarah
8/18/1872 Turner, Joseph Humphrey, Fanny
2/14/1881 Turner, M. C. Homphill, Emalie
12/25/1861 Turner, Pleasant D. Crawford, Sarah Jane
12/5/1888 Turner, Samuel Hopper, M. F.
7/16/1895 Turner, Walter Retledge, Alice
8/21/1866 Unchburgh, Samuel S. Statham, Emmer
1/30/1862 Underwood, G. W. Largent, Manerva
7/2/1855 Underwood, George W. Massengale, Ruth
6/3/1866 Underwood, L. B. Chandler, Lucy Ann
2/19/1857 Underwood, L. C. Underwood, Elizabeth
9/18/1855 Underwood, Nathan J. Price, Sarah
10/21/1857 Underwood, T. W. Bailey, Mary E.
2/10/1857 Underwood, Wm. H. Gann, Sarah Matilda
2/21/1889 Vance, J. J. Cherry, Martha
2/21/1897 Varbrough, B. F. Waltman, Doshia
9/28/1888 Varnon, Albert H. Brock, Lealy
9/26/1897 Vaughn, Cary Grifith, Ana
11/10/1897 Vaughn, J. H. Donald, S. E.
11/9/1865 Vaughn, Jesse Buris, Elizabeth
9/10/1893 Vaughn, O. H. Glass, M. J.
2/28/1895 Vaughn, Z. H. Dubose, Minnie
9/8/1865 Veitch, J. W. Stephens, Mary Ann
10/28/1886 Veitch, W. E. Scarbrough, Emma
5/5/1893 Vetrano, Frank Brooks, Beuth
1/9/1890 Vietch, James Brittain, Henrietta
2/2/1857 Vietch, Joseph L. Robertson, Mary J.
12/30/1895 Vineyard, John W. Humason, Ruth E.
5/20/1885 Vinner, A. C. Stegall, Annie B.
9/16/1886 Vinson, A. J. Rush, Mrs. Ella
4/21/1861 Vinson, Dennis Ayer, Martha
2/14/1889 Vinson, T. A. McCarty, Lula
1/21/1884 Vinson, William M. Bonner, Mary A.
8/1/1897 Vonfrankens, Bernhard Wissel, Doretta Isabelle

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