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Angelina County, Texas Marriages (Sorted by Groom N-P)

12/22/1857 Nally, E. J. Thomas, Josephine
9/7/1883 Neal, J. T. Mott, F. J.
12/19/1867 Nearen, James B. Eastes, Charlot
11/3/1865 Nearin, William Estes, Mrs. Erethina E.
1/28/1858 Needham, Kyle G. Chois, Samantha M.
12/25/1873 Nelson, B. F. Cheatham, Martha V.
10/20/1886 Nelson, Benjamin F. Calvert, Ella
12/29/1870 Nelson, F. M. Williams, Elizabeth
2/1/1866 Nelson, Nathan Price, Sarah
2/27/1893 Nerren, B. F. Todd, Mrs. Helen A.
1/29/1874 Nerren, E. N. Richardson, M. F.
1/23/1851 Nerren, John M. Anderson, Elizabeth
6/5/1851 Nerren, L. D. Holt, S. I. F. A.
12/19/1897 Nerren, T. B. Brookshire, Edna
10/1/1896 Nerren, T. G. McCoy, Maggie
4/19/1894 Nerrin, James E. McKinney, Flora V.
4/2/1871 Nesbert, Jas. Loften, Arsena
5/14/1848 Netherland, Eli Smith, Edna Isabell
7/26/1888 Neves, Albert Saxton, Louisa A.
11/13/1865 Newman, Samuel Crawford, Sarah Ann
3/26/1896 Newson, Walter Nicholas, Fannie
2/1/1877 Newton, George Steward, Francis
10/7/1858 Neyland, F. H. Treadwill, Martha S.
6/7/1896 Nicar, G. H. Hanks, Mary B.
12/5/1889 Nicholas, James E. Allbritton, Charity
4/30/1896 Nichols, J. M. Johnson, Mary E.
10/15/1896 Nichols, W. T. White, J. A.
5/14/1891 Nickolas, J. W. McWaters, Chiba
12/17/1892 Nixon, C. N. Guesford, Mrs. S. M.
1/1-12/31/1863 No Records No Records
1/1-12/31/1864 No Records No Records
1/29/1892 Nolen, J. A. Wilson, Mrs. S. H.
4/16/1866 Norris, Lafayette S. Havard, Nancy A. T.
1/2/1884 Norris, William B. Smith, Elizabeth
3/8/1888 Nunley, John Wood, Mrs. Mary
1/18/1894 O'Brian, John Wilson, Mrs. Lucy
2/1/1872 O'Quin, B. F. Hood, Harriett
1/2/1868 O'Quin, J. B. McClure, Susanna M.
1/17/1892 O'Quin, Jesse Gorden, Dilsey
11/3/1874 O'Quin, Jno. A. Calvert, Amanda
12/20/1887 O'Quin, William Lee, Sophie
1/4/1878 O'Quinn Swavet, Tennessee
2/11/1894 O'Quinn, J. W. Alldridge, Ella
2/5/1885 O'Quinn, John Allen, Cassie
2/29/1888 O'Quinn, W. A. Finley, Clara
12/5/1888 O'Quinn, W. B. McMickle, Lula
2/5/1891 Oates, Jno. C. Sillivent, Drucilla
1/11/1895 Oates, L. H. Chandler, Safronia
10/18/1857 Oats, James Massengill, Martha Jane
11/20/1865 Oats, John W. McClure, Hornet E.
12/29/1897 Odle, S. W. Modisset, Ella
5/1/1893 Odom, Abe Parker, Mrs. Millie
9/9/1894 Odom, Abe Garcier, Della
3/1/1891 Odom, J. T. Bickham, Mrs. M. M.
3/4/1888 Odom, Rube Robinson, Lindy
6-2-1895 Odum, J. E. Lee, Mrs. Matilda
12/30/1897 Odum, J. T. Denton, Mrs. Jane
5/11/1893 Ohara, T. B. Hines, Mollie
9/27/1888 Olds, B. F. Franklin, Mary
11/25/1883 Oliver, Thomas E. Stanley, Julia Ann
1/21/1861 Owen, John L. Hufman, Mrs. Eliza
8/2/1861 Owens, Lewis Borden, Mary Jane
2/3/1892 Owens, Will Johns, Amanda
8/16/1897 Pace, E. F. Chance, Mrs. Attie
4/15/1894 Page, C. A. McMickle, Ellen
3/17/1861 Page, Charley W. Grimes, Sarah
10/30/1860 Page, Moses Moses, Louisa
1/19/1892 Page, W. T. Harris, Martha C.
2/8/1894 Page, W. T. Ricks, F. C.
12/9/1857 Palmer, Francis M. Reynolds, Martha Jane
11/14/1897 Palmore, R. A. Bob' Anderson, L. Effie
10/27/1895 Papp, J. L. Cochran, Ophelia
12/24/1891 Parish, R. E. Berry, N. S.
9/12/1888 Parish, W. S. Berry, Mrs. S. H.
7/29/1897 Parish, W. S. Brookshire, Mrs. Sarah
1/3/1871 Parker, Charles Blackburn, Sara
6/20/1857 Parker, Daniel Runnels, Martha Ann
12/7/1882 Parker, J. D. McGee, Annie
9/7/1884 Parker, J. H. L. Largent, Mary E.
8/23/1894 Parker, J. W. Bowen, Addie
12/12/1861 Parker, James Procter, Mrs. Clarissa
1/1/1896 Parker, Jim Summerall, Mary A.
12/21/1865 Parker, John Ellis, Mary
5/15/1887 Parker, John Jones, Mary J.
12/7/1882 Parker, Miles Simpson, Mrs. Amanda
1/28/1892 Parker, Riley Finley, Martha
11/27/1891 Parker, S. C. Burrows, Ida
1/27/1897 Parrish, John Holland, Maggie
7/19/1866 Parrish, P. H. Bennett, Mrs. Mary
11/21/1848 Paschal, John Vincent, Rachel Jane
11/18/1883 Pasky, S. J. Phariss, Mrs. Mary
12/24/1896 Pate, J. W. Allen, Eliza
5/3/1888 Patton, E. W. Green, Mrs. Margaret
6/26/1887 Paulen, W. J. Havard, Isabella
6/25/1867 Payne, Charlton Stark, Francis I.
10/20/1895 Payton, Lewis Wair, Nettie
4/25/1873 Pearson, J. T. Rogers, Lular
11/25/1894 Pearson, L. D. Phillips, Mrs. Rutha
11/7/1894 Peavy, A. J. Handley, Emma
12/19/1891 Peavy, W. B. McKnight, Allice
9/21/1851 Peirce, Joel Young, Rosanna
7/16/1896 Perkins, C. E. Clark, Mrs. Ester B.
2/23/1896 Perkins, G. C. Dees, Annie
6/13/1897 Perkins, J. W. Massingill, Deboria
8/29/1888 Perkins, W. A. Gillespie, Lulu
5/19/1868 Perkins, William Davis, Flora J.
2/20/1869 Perkins, William Davis, Mattie
7/25/1878 Perkins, William M. Otis, Mollie
1/10/1877 Persons, B. W. Young, Fannie V.
1/8/1893 Pervis, Richard Nunley, Ella
10/16/1888 Pervis, Tom Shelby, Mattie
6/18/1893 Peters, Derrick Alexander, Jane
11/15/1885 Phelphs, H. C. Welch, Mattie
11/21/1862 Philips, C. T. Stringer, Mary Ann
1/11/1892 Phillips, Lee W. Hughes, Lucy Ann
12/18/1881 Phillips, M. V. Collins, E. H.
11/22/1887 Phillips, M. V. Phillips, Mrs. E. M.
12/20/1882 Pickard, J. L. Caldwell, Priscilla
1/31/1889 Pickard, Jeff Sanford, Louisa
1/9/1896 Pickle, J. H. Conner, Florence
9/11/1897 Pinner, Andy Allen, Annie
12/24/1893 Pinner, R. J. Allen, A. D.
1/3/1885 Pinson, Calvin Dannon, Francis
12/21/1887 Pinson, Mack Lee, Amanda
3/17/1886 Pittman, J. E. Jones, Dollie
3/11/1896 Pittman, J. E. Parham, M. G.
11/29/1894 Pittman, W. T. Manning, Clara
11/5/1896 Pitzer, A. H. Click, Lula
1/31/1894 Poland, H. A. Chancy, Willie
9/20/1894 Poland, W. F. Clevinger, Georgia D.
1/27/1869 Poland, W. J. Norris, Tinsey A. N.
11/7/1868 Ponder, Jefferson Henderson, Mary A. E.
12/5/1894 Pool, Alford Kay, Mrs. Louiser
12/26/1884 Pool, James Brown, Mollie
11/20/1884 Pool, Joseph Roberts, Mrs. Agnes
3/29/1896 Pope, J. S. Johnson, Bell
1/4/1894 Porter, Charles M. Welch, Connie
8/12/1895 Porter, J. M. Dunn, Flora
12/27/1871 Porter, James Molan, Vina
8/30/1888 Porter, John D. Welch, Lucy A.
6/28/1894 Porter, Thomas Dixon, Emma
10/23/1893 Posky, S. J. Ayers, Mrs. L. E.
12/2/1891 Pounds, J. T. Chaney, Emma
10/2/1867 Powell, A. B. Graham, Sarah E.
7/14/1893 Powell, Ed Williams, Ona
1/12/1869 Powell, Henry Selman, Elisabeth H.
3/6/1870 Powell, Henry Ferguson, Isabella
12/26/1888 Powell, Henry Havard, Virginia
1/17/1894 Powell, Josias Beauchamp, Laura T.
7/3/1890 Powell, M. T. Fairchild, L. J.
9/27/1891 Powell, R. B. Duke, Nannie
8/3/1846 Powell, Wiley S. Graham, Sarah P.
10/7/1889 Prevell, J. W. Bates, R. J.
3/30/1892 Prewitt, I. L. Arrington, M. V.
9/21/1874 Price, J. W. McAdams, S. G.
4/13/1893 Price, J. W. Cherry, Cora
1/4/1856 Price, John C. Walker, Nancy N.
9/20/1851 Price, Lazarus Teer, Margaret
6/16/1861 Price, Meshack Selman, Francis
12/24/1889 Price, W. D. Burnett, Mary O.
9/3/1847 Procello, Stevan Procello, Susanna
3/16/1852 Procter, Allen Gann, Mary

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