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Angelina County, Texas Marriages (Sorted by Bride W-Z)

3/12/1896 Cooper, Robert Wachington, Polley
3/24/1896 Sanderson, James L. Waddle, Fannie
12/4/1875 Sharp, O. A. Wade, G. L.
10/10/1897 Bolin, James Wadkins, Linnie
12/25/1894 Hooper, J. I. Wagstaff, Melissa
10/20/1895 Payton, Lewis Wair, Nettie
10/15/1865 Wommack, K. H. Walace, A. M.
5/20/1896 Burke, C. A. Walker, Maggie
3/5/1849 Barron, Francis M. Walker, Milder H.
8/22/1891 Johnson, Jno. Walker, Mrs. Chaney
1/4/1856 Price, John C. Walker, Nancy N.
11/10/1891 Cochran, P. J. Walker, Nannie
11/18/1856 Archer, J. Walker, Polly G.
11/18/1858 Areher, Tobe J. Walker, Polly G.
8/16/1894 Hickman, Andrew J. Walker, S. E.
11/3/1865 Brown, William B. Wallace, Caroline
12/23/1870 Haggard, John Wallace, Jane
6/15/1877 Gilford, Thomas J. Wallace, L. V.
2/96/1896 Carlisle, J. H. Wallace, M. E.
11/28/1870 Smith, Joshua A. Wallace, Melinda A.
3/8/1868 Ryan, George G. Wallace, Mrs. Delilah
1/22/1866 Smith, William Wallace, Narcissa J.
2/21/1897 Varbrough, B. F. Waltman, Doshia
5/21/1893 Jones, S. E. Waltman, Ellie
2/1/1894 Wheeler, J. J. Waltman, Mrs. S. M.
10/30/1897 Keller, H. J. Waltman, Mrs. Sarah M.
12/28/1889 Faircloth, T. J. Waltman, Nancy
9/22/1897 Mott, George Ward, Cora
8/8/1872 Johnson, Reuben Ward, Josephine
9/22/1846 Calwell, Mathew Warden, Caroline
2/8/1883 White, Peter Warfield, Delia
2/16/1868 Lee, Prince Albert Warfield, Lucy
3/5/1874 Lewis, Joseph Warfield, Lucy
4/8/1892 Spivey, Dr., T. S. Warner, Birdie
7/30/1892 Bell, W. T. Warner, M. E.
12/17/1882 Weeks, James M. Warner, Mary
8/28/1892 Denton, Jas. A. Warren, Alma
1/17/1889 Bentley, J. L. Warren, Amanda J.
7/5/1896 Williams, W. H. Warren, Jeanette
5/31/1893 Calvert, J. L. Warren, Lillie
6/1/1887 LaRue, James Warren, Lucy
1/17/1897 Hawkins, R. E. Warren, Maggie D.
1/13/1884 Laten (?), H. J. Warren, Mary Ann
1/5/1884 Allen, Brittan Washington, Jane
12/28/1876 Smith, John Washington, Jane
7/19/1866 Finley, Z. R. Waters, Amy B.
1/11/1872 Brock, William Henry Waters, Rebecca Savilla
3/8/1884 Stockton, J. C. Watford, Joe E.
5/31/1874 Mantooth, E. J. Watsen, Callie
4/15/1886 Collins, G. M. Watson, E. J.
2/14/1897 Grimes, D. M. Watson, Elizabeth
11/17/1895 Enstler, Avery L. Watson, Ella
9/19/1886 Davis, W. J. Watson, Mary L.
5/9/1894 Larkin, Charles R. Watson, Mrs. Fannie
7/26/1862 Cheatham, Edward E. Watson, Mrs. Polly
2/15/1877 Birdsong, Jas. Weaver, Dona
12/22/1870 Harris, Richard Weaver, Elizabeth
7/22/1883 Crane, W. J. Weaver, Frances E.
01/1/1860 Howard, William T. Weaver, Francis
4/27/1884 Eddins, W. F. Weaver, Lucinda
3/2/1887 Havard, Frances Marion Weaver, Martha Jane
11/3/1895 Hambrick, J. M. Weaver, Mrs. Susie
1/1/1893 Smith, T. F. Weaver, Nannie
1/20/1873 Ricks, Casper A. Weaver, Sarah J.
11/5/1882 Ryan, H. T. Weeks, Clara A.
9/5/1878 Ryan, Isaac M. Weeks, Delilah J.
1/1/1896 Hambrick, W. F. Weeks, Ella
12/18/1875 Fuller, S. S. Weeks, L. E.
8/29/1889 Havard, B. W. Weeks, Laura F.
8/22/1886 Calhoun, Jr., J. C. Weeks, Lucy A.
2/14/1892 Bean, R. J. Weeks, Mary
3/4/1889 Small, Samuel W. Weeks, Mrs. Susan
1/5/1867 Carlile, William R. Weeks, Nancy A. R.
9/8/1881 Harris, M. W. Weeks, Sarah Jane
8/18/1885 Trenathan, William B. Weeks, Sheba Jane
7/6/1852 Harris, William Weeks, Susan Amanda
11/25/1886 Anderson, Henry Weiks, Milley
6/26/1892 Arrington, O. J. Weir, Felicia
8/10/1893 McCarty, B. K. Weir, Mary
8/1/1889 Sanders, W. M. Weisinger, Dorah Lee
1/4/1894 Porter, Charles M. Welch, Connie
11/1/1897 Ivey, Josh Welch, H. C.
8/30/1888 Porter, John D. Welch, Lucy A.
11/15/1885 Phelphs, H. C. Welch, Mattie
6/8/1890 Watson, G. W. Welch, Mrs. R. M.
4/6/1858 Kinney, George Welch, Nancy Ellen
1/21/1878 Calvery, J. H. Welch, Nettie
5/17/1884 Berg, Alexander Welch, S. J. T.
2/17/1876 Jones, B. A. Welch, Sallie
10/2/1892 Rose, Charles A. West, Addie J.
7/11/1872 Williams, Marue C. West, Deller
7/10/1886 Fairchild, Stephen West, Lizzie
9/5/1897 Wilson, A. T. Westbrook, Anna
8/20/1850 Cherry, James W. Wetherlin, Mary
12/22/1889 Morris, G. W. Wheat, Mrs. Lula E.
12/7/1859 Mantooth, George Wheeler, Bersheba
9/7/1862 Burris, Thomas Wheeler, Mary Jane
1/4/1897 Romer, August Whissell, Mrs. Emiline
7/12/1866 Kern, James K. White, A. J.
10/31/1895 Linn, Soloman White, Cassie
3/16/1893 McClure, J. H. White, Charlotte
3/13/1895 Ashworth, Robert White, Dulie
11/15/1891 Chamblee, J. W. White, Ella
7/12/1866 Johnson, Jno. R. White, Emeline
12/21/1876 Watson, Henry White, Harriet
10/15/1896 Nichols, W. T. White, J. A.
1/11/1885 Gardenhire, T. M. White, Johnie W.
10/24/1886 Havard, Joel White, Julia
3/15/1869 Louin, William White, Keziah
1/5/1878 Dixon, John White, M. E.
10/25/1856 Johnston, John W. White, Margaret
12/11/1894 Sanders, Jack White, Margaret
12/27/1877 Manning, P. C. White, Martha
2/9/1891 Ivy, Cyrus White, Mollie
9/19/1884 Russell, J. G. White, Mrs. Davie
3/8/1888 Anderson, R. B. White, Mrs. Elizabeth
9/14/1893 Hanson, Isaac White, Nancy M.
1/20/1897 Smith, J. L. White, Sarah
7/23/1887 Shelfer, James S. Whitten, Arleana
1/10/1890 Gann, George William Wideman, Catherine Ann
12/30/1893 Burrows, A. F. Wideman, Sallie, D.
6/26/1892 Burrows, Jas. E. Widemon, Margaret A.
1/1/1896 Havard, Oliver Widner, Frances
1/28/1892 Wiley, F. A. Wiesinger, Ellen
2/2/1862 Squires, William Wilcox, Mrs. Mary E.
2/5/1871 Evans, William Axley Wilcox, Sarah Louise
9/11/1889 Sanford, James Wilder, Ella
3/29/1873 Moffitt, J. D. Wilkerson, A. J.
1/28/1869 Berry, John Wilkerson, Caroline
2/8/1891 Wilkerson, L. N. Wilkerson, Lily
12/8/1862 Brown, William Wilkerson, Mary Ann
8/5/1862 Boatman, Robert M. Wilkerson, Sarah Jane
11/2/1889 Sapp, Henry Wilkinson, Reany
9/1/1889 Delany, W. D. Wilkinson, Sallie
1/11/1888 Shofner, J. W. Wilkinson, Susannah
7/22/1883 Smith, Marion J. Williams, A. T.
12/10/1882 Skillen, M. H. Williams, Adalina
1/12/1888 Grisson, L. L. Williams, Allace
1/25/1874 Gardenhire, W. M. Williams, E. L.
12/29/1870 Nelson, F. M. Williams, Elizabeth
3/15/1891 Burns, Fred Williams, Ella
10/7/1897 Windham, Oscar Williams, Jamie
5/17/1883 Horn, Dack Williams, Julia
10/20/1872 Weeks, Wiley F. Williams, Louisa
12/23/1893 Smith, Jno. Williams, Mariah
10/3/1855 Stanley, William C. Williams, Mary
2/8/1866 Evans, J. W. Williams, Mary C.
3/25/1870 Whitlock, W. A. Williams, Mary M.
3/24/1895 Tappen, Robert Williams, Mrs. Emma J.
8/17/1895 Goolsby, Dock Williams, Mrs. Ida
9/30/1857 Cheatham, Jack Williams, Mrs. Nancy J.
2/19/1874 Finley, W. T. Williams, N. C.
2/27/1850 Black, Granderson Williams, Nancy
10/20/1872 Ryan, William R. Williams, Nancy
4/13/1859 Cornelius, Aaron Williams, Nancy J.
12/1/1887 Jordan, W. P. Williams, Nannie
6/5/1887 Weeks, B. A. Williams, Nannie
3/29/1892 Tilles, Joe Williams, Nola
7/14/1893 Powell, Ed Williams, Ona
1/8/1874 Horn, Wade Williams, Patsy
3/27/1884 Windham, Jim Williams, Zora
11/9/1890 Dixon, G. F. Williamson, Mrs. Martha
8/1/1893 Saxton, W. S. Willis, Allice
1/17/1897 Borden, J. M. Willson, E. G.
9/13/1891 Dyer, J. C. Wilson, A. E.
2/16/1896 Selman, J. D. Wilson, Beulah
1/7/1897 Columbus, Eli Wilson, Eliza (Liza) J.
2/6/1895 Cook, C. C. Wilson, Fannie
1/10/1894 Brown, John Wilson, Martha
11/7/1895 Washington, Jim Wilson, Mollie
6/15/1896 Sanders, Elijah Wilson, Mrs. Annie
1/18/1894 O'Brian, John Wilson, Mrs. Lucy
1/29/1892 Nolen, J. A. Wilson, Mrs. S. H.
5/15/1884 Saxton, Jr., W. C. Wilson, Susan L.
3/6/1861 Guinn, J. C. Winchester, Julia Ann
1/20/1897 Warner, E. L. Windham, Allie
3/3/1889 Runnels, James S. Windham, Emma
4/12/1891 DeArmond, John Windham, Judah
10/20/1882 Ewing, Sam Windham, Laura
2/10/1886 Brown, Joseph Windham, Martha
4/6/1858 Everetti, James C. Windham, Mary J.
2/15/1881 Johnson, Jesse Windham, Molie
8/30/1889 Burns, Robert Windham, Mrs. Jane
9/24/1891 Lee, J. Windham, Mrs. Lou
6/5/1890 Green, Dennis Windham, Zora
5/3/1888 Jarrett, W. Windom, Jane
8/1/1897 Vonfrankens, Bernhard Wissel, Doretta Isabelle
1/17/1897 Hickman, Ciscro Womack, M. C.
5/10/1866 Brown, Eli Wommack, Lotty
12/12/1855 Welks, Levi Wood, Martha
3/8/1888 Nunley, John Wood, Mrs. Mary
4/27/1884 Thompson, K. D. Woods, A. B.
11/19/1893 McVey, T. M. Woods, Ada
3/30/1895 Glover, Sam Woods, Buster
2/10/1895 Rodgers, Eli Woods, Dora
8/21/1887 Ivy, R. M. Woods, Eady
9/17/1868 Leach, James Woods, Elizabeth
7/10/1893 Crane, Jr., Jeremiah Woods, Minnie
2/12/1896 Yates, W. F. Woods, R. E.
10/31/1881 Ross, J. A. Woods, Sallie
12/24/1887 Thomas, C. H. Word, Ella
2/17/1886 Davis, David R. Word, Mrs. Florence
5/12/1877 Boykin, W. R. Worsham, M. S.
8/16/1874 Butten, W. B. Wright, Addie A.
1/6/1884 Brown, A. L. Wright, F. E.
2/14/1889 Brazial, N. T. Wright, Ida L.
8/25/1897 Spencer, Henry Wright, L. I.
3/6/1887 Selman, Wesley M. Wright, Mrs. Nancy Ella
12/26/1895 Wright, F. A. Wright, Sintha
7/4/1890 Clancy, B. Wynn, Beulah
11/11/1850 Daniel, George W. Yarbrough, Frances
1/2/1896 Roach, W. M. York, Callie
1/2/1894 McMahan, J. W. York, E. E.
8/22/1892 Hodges, J. R. York, Emma
10/16/1887 Fuller Or Tuller, B. J. York, S. W.
10/16/1887 Tuller Or Fuller, B. J. York, S. W.
8/11/1889 Richards, J. U. York, Texas Ella
10/18/1888 Scurlock, J. M. Young, E. R.
1/10/1877 Persons, B. W. Young, Fannie V.
1/26/1873 Anderson, William Young, Josephine
8/3/1884 Loftin, William F. Young, Martha Jane
9/21/1851 Peirce, Joel Young, Rosanna
1/7/1896 Williams, William T. Ziegler, Clara

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