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Angelina County, Texas Marriages (Sorted by Bride T-V)

11/8/1894 Lattimore, W. O. Tanner, Cora L.
7/25/1894 Ellison, Tobe Tanner, Fannie
2/21/1881 Lanes, Solomon Tarrant, Mary Ann
7/28/1865 Brown, John Turner, Margaret E.
3/1/1870 Wilson, Jno. B. Turner, Penny A.
12/20/1888 Bird, W. D. Taylor, A. M.
2/7/1893 Williams, Charlie Taylor, Catherine
12/4/1865 Emmons, Augustus Taylor, Elizabeth
2/25/1894 Davis, Lafayette Taylor, Ella
12/22/1890 Washington, George Taylor, Julia
7/31/1876 Williams, Henry Taylor, Katie
11/21/1895 Havard, Leroy T. Taylor, Mary A.
12/23/1866 Williams, William S. Tear, Mrs. Easter A.
9/20/1851 Price, Lazarus Teer, Margaret
3/31/1889 Wood, Thomas Tennel, Jane
1/29/1891 Williams, J. A. Thomas, B. C.
12/22/1857 Nally, E. J. Thomas, Josephine
9/14/1871 Ratteree, Augustus Thomas, Nannie
8/11/1872 Gillespie, William Thomason, Isibella
12/16/1860 Chandler, William Thomason, Mary
8/25/1870 McCord, W. L. Thomason, Mrs. Mariah
8/12/1862 Smith, John Thomason, Mrs. Sarah M.
9/24/1860 Chanlir, Asa Thomason, Penranis S.
3/17/1872 Simpson, Edward Thomason, Victoria
6/29/1868 Simpson, George Thomison, Angelina
9/27/1893 Scoggins, R. P. Thompkins, Sarah
3/3/1874 Foster, Charles Thompson, D. E.
12/11/1893 Singleton, W. L. Thompson, Eliza
10/31/1882 Franklin, J. R. Thompson, Fannie
6/8/1862 Kirkham, Thos. J. Thompson, Frances A.
9/20/1894 Smith, Bill Thompson, Gurtie
6/25/1887 Luce, Robert Thompson, Henrietta
1/5/1888 Sisson, C. K. Thompson, I. L
9/21/1883 Reece, George Thompson, Lara
10/4/1883 Stovall, W. F. Thompson, M. S.
6/30/1891 Taylor, Clark Thorn, Emma
1/29/1896 Dykes, Jessie H. Thornton, A. J.
8/24/1895 Kelly, W. H. [Widower] Thornton, Mrs. Irene [Widow]
7/5/1866 Ivey, Jesse Thorp, Joanna
8/15/1860 Lee, William H. Threadgill, Martha A.
8/4/1873 Lee, Jasper M. Thurman, Matilda
1/25/1874 Wallace, J. L. Tier, Dicy A.
8/11/1897 Fenley, W. H. Tillery, L. O.
10/10/1894 Darr, M. S. Tillery, M. D.
2/27/1893 Nerren, B. F. Todd, Mrs. Helen A.
9/22/1896 Wilson, D. C. Tolbert, Mrs. Savanna
3/21/1896 Seeger, Joseph Tomlin, Elvira
7/22/1871 Foster, Charles Townsel, Ginzy
12/24/1866 Thomason, Victor M. Townsen, Mary F.
1/5/1893 Hester, Charles R. Townsend, Hellena B.
11/14/1885 Mitchel, Joseph Traines, Patsy Ann
8/31/1881 LaRue, J. M. Traweek, E. H.
1/22/1896 Brookshire, Monroe Traweek, Mary
12/22/1893 McCoy, M. G. Traweek, Nancy
8/12/1894 Smith, Abner Treadgill, Mrs. Clarisa E.
10/9/1890 Fortinberry, J. N. Treadwell, Cattie
12/29/1892 Spivey, A. F. Treadwell, D. E.
3/13/1872 Thompson, James A. Treadwell, E. F.
10/7/1858 Neyland, F. H. Treadwill, Martha S.
10/7/1858 Brashears, J. M. Treadwill, N. C.
3/20/1859 Higginbottom, F. M. Tredwell, Mary
1/9/1881 Hall, I. H. Trevatahan, Katie
6/7/1888 Martin, J. B. Trevathan, Rose
12/24/1890 White, T. E. Trevathan, S. E. C.
9/2/1877 Gainer, S. H. Trevathan, Susan R.
12/29/1897 White, A. P. Trevathen, L. C.
2/24/1896 Brinkley, W. C. Trimbel, Katie L.
2/16/1897 Green, Ivison Truiler, Almeilia
3/28/1875 Reynolds, John A. Tucker, L. A.
8/12/1883 Riley, F. S. Tucker, Nancy W.
12/12/1894 Russell, W. R. Tucker, Tissey
7/28/1865 Brown, John Turner Or Tarver, Margaret E.
3/1/1870 Wilson, Jno. B. Turner Or Tarver, Penny A.
7/7/1870 West, Thomas Turner, Emily
9/19/1893 Ewing, Jno. Turner, Lydia
1/1/1888 Boykin, Mastin Turner, Mary
10/5/1889 Collins, G. W. Turner, Mary
9/16/1868 Crawford, William R. Turner, Mary A. E.
9/7/1872 Braziel, Thomas H. Turner, Sarah J.
4/28/1895 Ward, R. W. Turpin, Cora
9/17/1891 Bentley, B. A. Turpin, Wiola
2/6/1877 Lane, Wallace Twien, Margaret
2/19/1857 Underwood, L. C. Underwood, Elizabeth
7/30/1875 Brooks, J. R. Underwood, M. J.
11/2/1858 Gibson, James Underwood, Mary P.
5/20/1866 Landtroop, S. J. Underwood, Mrs. Elizabeth
5/28/1876 Brown, H. A. Underwood, N.
9/20/1865 Stanaland, Hugh Underwood, Rutha
3/12/1858 Largent, Malcom Underwood, Sarah J.
11/18/1894 Ford, B. M. Vance, Mrs. Martha
1/23/1896 Tiner, O. W. H. Vance, Nannie
1/12/1891 Williams, W. H. Vann, Mary H.
12/19/1895 Bounds, W. T. Varnan, T. M.
9/2/1885 Williams, B. W. Varnon, Mary Ann
3/10/1889 Lee, H. M. Varnon, Mattie
6/27/1887 Harrell, Monroe Vaughn, Eliza
9/27/1891 Wilkins, J. H. Vaughn, Mary S.
2/16/1888 McNeil, B. C. Veitch, Hattie
9/19/1892 Brookshire, W. J. Veitch, I. E.
12/2/1857 Gindon (Jordan), Lavel Vietch, Harriet
3/29/1849 Brown, William Vietch, Mary Ann
11/17/1847 Squires, Allen Vincent, Evaline
7/9/1856 Cole, Jesse Vincent, Mary Jane
11/21/1848 Paschal, John Vincent, Rachel Jane
5/15/1870 Denton, A. B. Vinson, Jane

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