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Angelina County, Texas Marriages (Sorted by Bride N-P)

12/20/1853 Moore, A. E. Neadham, Peggy (Margaret)
2/3/1897 Read, J. F. Neal, Ida
8/27/1895 Bibb, G. E. Neal, Lela A.
10/8/1865 Reynolds, O. P.(T.?) Nearen Or Nevin, Eliza J.
2/5/1871 Traweek, H. P. Nearen. S. M.
3/1/1866 Wener, G. W. Needham, Nancy J.
11/2/1893 Jones, Jno. H. Neeley, M. A.
2/5/1890 Causey, S. H. Neely, C. C.
9/8/1889 Hill, W. A. Nell, Alpha
3/14/1896 McCormack, W. J. Nelms, Mrs. M. A. (No Return)
1/25/1893 Mantooth, T. C. Nelson, Callie
8/1/1878 Johnson, J. M. Nelson, Elizabeth
1/31/1871 Drake, Aaron Nelson, Francis
9/29/1856 Blackbon, Jesse Nelson, Mrs. Sarah
10/11/1883 McKinney, J. C. Nerren, E. J.
1/6/1887 Berry, N. B. Nerren, Elizabeth
12/9/1886 McKinney, H. M. Nerren, Elizabeth
2/19/1874 Richardson, Sam A. Nerren, Elizabeth
10/12/1889 McCoy, W. D. Nerren, Fannie
12/18/1893 Collier, Henry Nerren, Laura
11/8/1893 Tubbs, William P. Nerren, Lougenia
12/30/1850 Hubbard, Thomas. Nerren, Sarah
9/2/1892 McGrath, Charles A. Nesbert, Mary A.
1/11/1896 Austin, W. A. Nessmith, M. M.
10/8/1865 Reynolds, O. P.(T.?) Nevin Or Nearen, Eliza J.
3/26/1896 Newson, Walter Nicholas, Fannie
8/22/1888 Futch, Dan Nichols, Fennie
11/9/1897 Evans, John Nichols, M. F.
2/8/1866 Mantooth, Samuel Nixon, Mrs. Sarah
12/21/1865 Roberson, John F. No Name
1/1-12/31/1863 No Records No Records
1/1-12/31/1864 No Records No Records
1/27/1869 Poland, W. J. Norris, Tinsey A. N.
1/8/1893 Pervis, Richard Nunley, Ella
1/18/1873 Canady, William O'Quin, Juda
9/28/1888 Berry, Frank O'Quin, Viney
9/11/1887 Berry, Steve O'Quinn, Emma
2/26/1891 Fenley, R. E. O'Quinn, Fanny H.
3/20/1892 Wilson, R. C. O'Quinn, H. E.
12/25/1895 Welch, W. W. O'Quinn, M. A.
5/11/1887 Singleton, J. J. O'Quinn, Miami
11/22/1897 Berry, Albert O'Quinn, Mrs. Lavina
12/30/1883 Foster, Isiah O'Quinn, Tennessee
1/30/1896 Kirkland, E. O. Oates, A. C.
8/5/1890 Bruce, James T. Oates, Mrs. Martha
12/29/1875 Holland, Robert A. Oates, Texas
6/11/1868 Morhead, George Oats, Elizabeth Allis
10/15/1894 Adams, R. B. Oats, Hettie
2/22/1866 Thomas, James Oats, Lucretia J.
2/9/1888 Tubbe, J. A. Oats, N. C.
8/24/1852 Berry, John L. A. Odell, K. A.
5/28/1887 Killen, Jim S. Odom, Becca
5/6/1895 Roberts, Wiley Oldham, Mrs. Georgia
2/7/1893 Lee, Nat Oliver, Rutha
5/5/1859 Gann, John D. Orvings, Sarah
3/27/1873 Massengill, Jno. M. Otis, A. J.
12/24/1891 Fairchild, H. F. Otis, E. D.
7/29/1894 Angell, F. J. Otis, Lula F.
10/17/1897 Kelly, J. E. Otis, M. B.
12/14/1893 Anderson, Andy Otis, Mary A.
7/25/1878 Perkins, William M. Otis, Mollie
12/24/1887 Breazeal, J. V. Outhan, Polly Ann
4/24/1895 Drake, E. C. Overstreet, Polina [Poleria]
10/28/1892 Williams, Lawrence Owens, Ida
6/13/1890 Kenaday, W. A. Owens, Nannie
12/18/1892 Harris, John Page, Amanda M.
1/10/1852 McIntosh, William Page, L. I.
12/9/1880 Mosley, A. T. Page, M. E.
1/4/1858 Stringer, E. J. Page, Mary Elizabeth
4/24/1890 Jones, H. L. Page, Mrs. M. M.
7/1/1886 Maroney, Daniel W. Page, Oteria
2/21/1859 Colins, George Page, Phercby Ader
9/8/1861 Havard, C. D. Page, Rhoda C.
3/11/1896 Pittman, J. E. Parham, M. G.
9/4/1854 Haverd, Walter Parish, Candary
3/15/1856 Cherry, James W. Parish, Ellen
9/10/1867 Taylor, James Parish, Margaret
8/13/1890 Brookshire, J. M. Parish, V. M.
10/5/1893 Havard, J. M. Parker, Laura E.
1/26/1888 Colwell, W. J. Parker, Luella
1/12/1870 Warren, Noah Parker, M. E.
11/1/1877 Bonner, J. L. Parker, M. M.
5/4/1857 Runnels, B. L. Parker, Mary
3/12/1885 Runnels, William Parker, Millie
5/14/1874 Jackson, Jonas K. Parker, Mrs. Elizabeth
5/1/1893 Odom, Abe Parker, Mrs. Millie
5/9/1862 Mott, Hiram Parker, Nancy
10/22/1891 Boykin, Robert Parker, Sarah
3/31/1889 Brazeal, D. J. Parker, Victoria
7/19/1894 Richards, Albert Parter, Penny
11/15/1859 Herrington, Isaac Pate, Marida
5/19/1859 Chumley, Jno J. Pate, Mary Marinda
1/16/1866 McInelly, William Pate, Missouri
12/20/1865 Havard, B. W. Paulan, Nancy J.
10/7/1860 Wallace, Harvey Perkins, Elizabeth
10/20/1858 Liggett, J. T.Alfred Pharis, Minerva
11/18/1883 Pasky, S. J. Phariss, Mrs. Mary
11/22/1887 Phillips, M. V. Phillips, Mrs. E. M.
11/25/1894 Pearson, L. D. Phillips, Mrs. Rutha
6/9/1887 Hardin, Griffin Pierce, Eliza
2/20/1887 Mathews, W. R. Pierson, Mollie
3/18/1888 Brown, Henry Pinson, Ella
12/23/1886 Taylor, Hal Pinson, Francis
1/21/1892 Cassels, Ed Pinson, Susanah
7/29/1887 Shoemaker, Erasumus Pitts, Docia
3/23/1897 Stevenson, Robb Platt, Callie
11/11/1889 Smith, L. M. Poindexter, Mrs. E. J.
12/16/1886 Jones, Wyatt Poland, L. A.
9/15/1891 Havard, Charles D. Poland, M. T.
8/3/1887 Havard, Charley J. Polard, Cornelia
12/11/1881 McCeland, D. J. Ponder, Mrs. M. A.
7/25/1860 Gwin, J. S. Pool Or Posl, Mrs. Nancy
2/12/1866 Sumrall, James A. Pool, Lucy S.
9/4/1890 Windham, John Porter, Emma
2/19/1891 Johnson, Frank Porter, Margaret
2/5/1896 Gillikin, R. W. Pounds, Bessie
9/2/1888 Fairchild, John M. Powell, Conzata
9/25/1892 Barker, E. Powell, Mrs. Catherine (Brown)
7/9/1851 Wilson, Wm. Powell, Mrs. Sarah
1/20/1881 Trevatahan, Thomas Powell, N.
12/2/1896 Murphy, J. C. Powell, Rosa
10/23/1897 Smith, Charles Powers, Belle
9/25/1894 Arrington, Steve Preston, Adaline
12/22/1895 Finley, Ed Preston, Dollie
12/25/1890 Foster, William R. Prewitt, Mary A. Celesta
3/14/1895 Manning, W. C. Prewitt, Mrs. B. A. S.
6/6/1897 Weeks, R. L. Prewitt, Nancy
8/15/1878 Reynolds, O. P. Price, Cala Ann
1/28/1872 Red, Allen Price, Caroline
2/1/1852 Teer, James Price, Easter Adeline
10/21/1867 Middleton, Walter Price, Eliza
7/19/1865 Wood, Richard Price, Ellen
6/13/1875 Evans, George W. Price, Emily
1/17/1861 Dowdy, William Price, Mrs. Elizabeth
1/17/1866 Fairchilds, Rubin J. Price, Nancy
11/1/1893 Denman, Jr., F. G. Price, Rosa
2/1/1866 Nelson, Nathan Price, Sarah
9/18/1855 Underwood, Nathan J. Price, Sarah
2/28/1873 McCarty, Lewes Prier, Manda
9/3/1847 Procello, Stevan Procello, Susanna
12/12/1861 Parker, James Procter, Mrs. Clarissa
9/3/1896 Lynn, David Pry, Mary Jane
7/3/1849 Chavana, Farmine Purcello, Ramilis
1/10/1897 McCall, John D. Purvis, Lular

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