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Shivers, Allan, Birthplace of

Marker Number:  8722
Index Entry:  Shivers, Allan, Birthplace of
UTM Zone: 15
UTM Easting: 
UTM Northing: 
Designations: na
Repairs Completed:
Marker Title:  Birthplace of Allan Shivers
Address:  Lufkin 
County:  Angelina
Subject Codes:  GV
Year Marker Erected:  1971
Marker Location: Ellis and Kelley St., Lufkin
Marker Size:  18" x 28"
Marker Text: Born here, in now-razed house, Oct. 5, 1907, to Robert A. and Easter C. Shivers, pioneer East Texas family. As youth, worked at odd jobs to earn own pocket money. Was State Senator 12 years; Lieutenant Governor for two. A strong, progressive Governor, his term (longest in state history) was marked by reforms in state hospitals and special schools, prison and highway improvement, protection of natural resources and historic sites, and creation of agencies on alcoholism and for higher education. In private life, one of Texas' outstanding business leaders. (1971) 

Southern Pine Lumber Company Commissary

Marker Number:  8723
Index Entry: Southern Pine Lumber Company Commissary
UTM Zone: 15
UTM Easting: 329699
UTM Northing: 3451310
Designations: na
Repairs Completed: Fair
Marker Title:  Southern Pine Lumber Company Commissary
Address:   Diboll
County: Angelina
Subject Codes: MK; LB
Year Marker Erected: 1980
Marker Location: S. First St. at railroad tracks, just north of Mill St. intersection, Diboll
Marker Size:  18" x 28"
Marker Text: The original commissary at this site was constructed about 1894 when T. L. L. Temple (1859 - 1935) started the first Southern Pine Lumber Company sawmill here. The store was moved to the present building when it was completed in 1923. The inventory included groceries, medicine, ice, furniture, dry goods, and coffins. Items were purchased with "company checks," special tokens of metal or wax-coated paper. Managed from 1896 to 1938 by W. P. Rutland, the commissary closed in 1953. The building housed
company offices until 1979. (1980)

Southland Paper Mills, Inc.

Marker Number: 8724
Index Entry: Southland Paper Mills, Inc.
UTM Zone: 15
UTM Easting: 339889
UTM Northing: 3470313
Designations: na
Repairs Completed: Poor
Marker Title: Southland Paper Mills, Inc.
Address: Lufkin
County:  Angelina
Subject Codes: LB; MS
Year Marker Erected: 1968
Marker Location: from US 59 in Lufkin, 1 mi. east on FM 103
Marker Size: 18" x 28"
Marker Text: First plant to turn southern pines into newsprint. Mill here revolutionized paper industry in the southern United States. Seeking local paper rather than foreign supplies, Southland was incorporated in 1938 and began operations, 1940. Its mills made possible use of southern pine (earlier rejected for newsprint because of its high resin content). In 1942, additional facilities were built to supply bleached pulp. Success of this pioneer complex gave Texas an avenue for aiding world in supply of vital paper. (1968) 

St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church, Original Site of

Marker Number: 8721
Index Entry: St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church, Original Site of
UTM Zone: 15
UTM Easting: 335785
UTM Northing: 3468864
Repairs Completed:
Marker Title: Original Site of St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church
Address:   Second and Paul Streets, Lufkin
County: Angelina
Subject Codes: CH; EP
Year Marker Erected: 1983
Marker Location: 
Marker Size: 18" x 28"
Marker Text: The first Episcopal service in Lufkin was held in 1893 by the Rev. George L. Crocket for the W. G. Garron and R. B. Shearer families.  St. Mary's Mission was established in 1895 by the Rev. C. M. Beckwith, but the congregation did not have a permanent church building until 1906 when the structure on this site was erected and the name St. Cyprian's was adopted. The building was bricked in 1929 and later gutted by fire, after which the congregation moved to another location. St. Cyprian's original sanctuary stands today as Lufkin's oldest existing church building. (1983)

Stranger's Rest Cemetery

Marker Number: 8725
Index Entry:  Stranger's Rest Cemetery
UTM Zone: 15
UTM Easting: 336603
UTM Northing:  3468924
Designations: na
Repairs Completed: 
Marker Title:  Stranger's Rest Cemetery
Address: Lufkin 
County:  Angelina
Subject Codes:  GY; AA
Year Marker Erected:  1995
Marker Location: corner of Knight & Walter St., Lufkin
Marker Size:  18" x 28"
Marker Text: R. D. Holland, Sydney Hackney, and S. D. Long, trustees of an Angelina County African American cemetery group, acquired one acre here from the Lufkin Land & Timber Co., in 1905. Recorded burials began in 1901. The graveyard was first known as Frost Cemetery but according to local tradition began to be called Stranger's Rest Cemetery about 1915 because of the large  number of drifters buried here. The last recorded interment, that of Norris Patton, took place in 1946. The site fell into disrepair but was reclaimed by members of the local community and county volunteers in 1991-92. Sesquicentennial of Texas Statehood 1845 - 1995.


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