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Angelia County Indigent List


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On November 24, 1863, the Texas Legislature passed a Joint Resolution stating that the  government pledged "support and maintenance of [the soldiers'] families during their  absence from home." In accordance with this Resolution, an "Act to Support the Families and Dependents of Texas Soldiers" passed on December 15, 1863. The Act set aside $1,000,000 annually to be paid the "families, widows, and dependents of soldiers currently serving in State or Confederate forces, or of soldiers killed or disabled in service." Chief Justices of the counties, on or before March 1 in 1864 and 1865, submitted lists of servicemen and the number of their dependents eligible for relief. The County Clerk administered the money distributed to the county for this purpose. Please note that lists were not compiled in every county; those counties are not represented in the index.

The information varies somewhat from county to county. While the number of dependents is always provided, additional information may include some of the following elements: name of the soldier; currently in service; disabled or killed in service; unit; acting head of household.

Able, Mary E
Absier, Ann
Absier, Catharine
Aldridg, Nancy
Alexander, Hiram
Alexandria, Elizabeth
Anderson, Nancy
Ansbern, E A
Anthony, Vernetta
Archer, Polly
Ashwerth, Andy
Ashwerth, W W
Atkinson, Sarah
Baird, Nancy
Baker, Hariett
Barley, Martha
Benett, Mary
Bennett, Elizabeth
Bery, Comfort
Bird, Ann
Bird, Isadore
Bird, Malona
Boon, Dica
Boykin, Catharine
Brasid, Margaret
Brasiel, Ann
Brasiers, Clementin e
Brasiers, Elizabeth
Brasiers, F S
Brawdery, Martha
Brooksire, J W
Brooksire, Sela
Brown, Cara
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, N T
Bucom, Matila
Burt, Mandy
CampBell , Sarintha
Canley, Margret
Carnes, Larena
Carr, Elizabeth
Chatham, Roda
Chesy, Martha
Chetham, Nancy
Christy, Christian
Clark, Polly
Clayton, M L
Cochrin, Ann
Cochrin, Elvira
Collin s, Elisa
Collin s, F A
Cooper, Malinda
Crayne, Elizabeth
Crayne, Martha
Crayne, Mary A
Cushman, Mary E
Davis, A
Davis, Analisa
Davis, Catharine
Davis, Hariett
Davis, Martha
Davis, Sarah
Davis, Sarah
Denton, Lucinda
Dies, Nancy
Dykes, Emaline
Edings, Mary
Ellis, Nancy
Evans, Elizabeth
Evans, Jane
Evans, Young
Fairchild, Emily
Fairchild, Louisa
Fairchild, Lucretia
Fergason, Nancy
Gann, Adaline
Gilland, Sarah
Gilley, F
Ginn, Julia
Goodwin, Sarah F
Graham, Josephine
Graham, Margret
Graham, Nina
Grimes, N
Grimes, Neoma
Hall, Sarila
Haris, Martha
Harris, Martha
Harris, Mary
Havard, Candacy
Havard, Francis
Havard, R C
Heflin, Martha
Hensling, Lina
Hensly, Mary
Heser, S
Higginbotham, Mary
Higginbotham, Melvina
Holbrook, Sarah A
Hulet, Caroline
Huse, Nancy
Jacobs, Elizabeth
Johnson, L
Johnson, Margeret
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Susan
Jones, Carline
Jones, E E
Jones, J F
Jones, Lavesta
Jones, Rebecca
Jones, Sarah
Jourdan, Josephine
Jourdan, Susan
Jourden, Hariet
Lantroop, Louisa
Largent, Rosena
Larue, Martha
Lee, Martha
Lee, Rebecca
Lemmons, Sarah
Lenord, Sarah
Linsey, Francis
Manell, Sarah
Mansell, Sarah
Mantooth, Nancy
Martin, Zacharia
Massingill, Elizabeth
Massingill, Manda
Massingill, Mary
Massingill, Pruda
Matthews, Rebecca
Mayes, Mary
Mcadams, Cassa
Mcclung, Rachel
Mcgee, Emma
Mcgee, Martha
Mcgee, Mary
Mcgee, Sarah
Mcgilbery, Mary
Mcintosh, L J
Mckalister, Martha
Mcknab, Martha
Mcmullen, Jane
Mcneal, Oliver
Mcneale, Cassa
Mcquin, Holly
Midleton, Elizabeth
Mixam, Elizabeth
Mixam, Sarah
Moore, Celia
Moore, Leila
Moore, R E
Mott, N J
Mott, Nancy
Mott, Pruda
Muckleroy, Mary
Murrell, Mandy
Murry, Sarah
Muse, Ann
Muse, M E
Muse, Manervy
Nearen, William
Neland, J M
Nixon, Sarah
Noris, R L
Noris, R L
Norris, C A
Nugent, Sarah
Oquinn, Mary
Oquinn, Tresa
Owens, Elisa
Page, Maria
Page, N L
Page, Sarah
Parish, Margret
Parish, Mary
Parker, Hardy
Parker, Martha
Parker, Melvo
Pearson, Emily
Philips, Mary
Poland, Eliza
Price, Kisiah
Price, Martha
Price, Mary
Proctor, Mary
Randolph, Mary A
Read, Martha
Reynolds, Carline
Rhodes, Ellen
Ruby, Sarah
Runolds, Elizabeth
Runolds, John
Runolds, Mary
Runolds, Myram
Runolds, Susan
Russell, Carline
Russill, Milla
Ryans, Mary
Sanders, Lydia
Sanders, Mary
Sanders, Mary
Scot, Emaline
Shields, Jane
Smith, Feba J
Smith, Louisa
Smith, Manda
Smith, Nancy
Spears, Adlade
Spivy, Martha
Spivy, Nancy E
Squiers, Eveline
Stanley, Matilda
Stanly, Susan
Stephens, Margret
Stringer, Susan
Stripling, Mary E
Stripling, Narcis
Stripling, Racheal
Sulivin, Cassa
Summers, Nancy
Suttles, Lucinda
Taylor, Jane
Taylor, Mary
Teer, Easter
Tharp, Susan
Thomas, Savanna
Thompson, Amanda
Thompson, Arcada
Thompson, Francis
Thompson, Julia
Thompson, Nancy
Tredwell, S E
Tucker, Mary
Tucker, P H
Underwood, Sarah
Vanderwood, Matilda
Veach, Mary
Vinsen, Evaline
Walker, Elizabeth
Waren, Christina
Warren, Dela
Weeks, Susa
Wever, Carline
Wheeler, Susan
White, James
White, Jane
Wilborn, Martha
Wiley, Martha
Williams, James
Williams, Nina
Windchester, Mary
Windham, Lina
Windham, R A
Wood, Dela
York, Elizabeth
York, Juta
York, M E





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