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Will of J.B. Cochran


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The State of Texas
Angelina County

I, J. B. Cochran

Being of sound mind and realizing the certainty of Death and the near approach of the same I this day on the 30 of October in the year of our Lord 1901 make this my last will and Testament, hereby dividing and bequeathing my property both personal and real as follows to wit:

I appoint my son Wallace W Cochran my Executor bequeathing to him the exclusive right after my death to have full control of the management of my estate that is personal property: such as attending the hogs, cattle, and horses the proceeds of sales of any stock or the crops raised the premises now owned by me to go to maintain of my wife Lavonia Cochran and my minor children, Ailien, Elbert B, Lillie, Joseph A,

Each of my children to have all of the personal and real property now owned by my said minor children unless it shall be necessary to the maintenance of the minor children, the same to be supervised and managed by my said Executor.

After the death of myself and my wife Lavonia, my part of the cattle and the increase of the same to be Equally divided between my four children by my first wife Sarah Ann Cochran to-wit: Mary Emma Week, D. J. Cochran and Wallace W. Cochran and Docia Rowan.

The hogs (if any) after mine and my present wife’s death to be equally divided between our ten children provided however this division is not to be made until our minor children are each of age.

My son M.F. Cochran to have ten acres of land out of the Jno McAnally 640 acre survey, and Joseph A. and Elbert B to have each 50 acres out of the same survey, as shows by a Deed executed by myself and my wife Lavonia Cochran and is dated on the 28th day of Oct 1901.

Witness my hand on this the 30th day of October 1901.

J. B. Cochran

Joseph Chesnutt
Jane Chesnutt

Probate Jacket X-617
Angelina County, Texas