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Angelina County Cemetery

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Allen Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

 Cemetery View ( distant )

Cemetery View ( close up )

H.A. "Bud" Allen 1850 / 1949


 Mary Ann Allen w/o H.A.Allen 1851 / 1933



Barge Cemeterynear Zavalla, TX


Barge Entrance
Jimmie Cryer
Sarah J. Cryer
Calvin & Earfie Cryer
Virdie Cryer
N.C. Cryer
Martha C. & W. Willie Cryer
Clemmie Merle Cryer
Lavonia Cryer
Kathryn Cryer Cameron
?? Cryer
 Sarah J. Cryer
James C. Cryer
James R. Cryer
J.A. Barge, Sr.
Mike Hardy & Cecil Lenell Cryer Widener
Jewel Cryer


Barron Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Barron Cemetery View
Iris plants surround most graves covering many of them
Ned Berry
Unknown-not clear


Berry Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Oldest Berry Family Plot
location in center of cemetery under old cedar trees
Old Berry Family Monument
Samuel Berry Sr. born 1794 in So.Carolina , died 1871, married 1816 to Elizabeth McMurtry born 1797 in Kentucky, died 1880 / setled here from Limbstone Co. Alabama 1851.  Children : William P., Andrew J., Joseph , John L., Samuel Jr., Stephen, Edward, Elizabeth, last name not clear , looks like Hilia ? Ann
Bill & Julia Berry
Joe & Nannie Berry
with Fannie Berry in background
Rev. J. J. Lewis
Out of place tombstone?
Or has cedar tree overgrown the gravesite?
Joseph H. Beaird
Ella & Ed Massingill
F. J. McKinney
Jesse W. Brookshire
John C. Berry
J. B. & M. Caroline Berry


Bodan Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Cemetery View

Cemetery View

 Bodan Cemetery 1850

 H. H. Chancey 1860 / 1903 W. R. Dixon
Infant Dixon
M. R. Hicks Dixon
Wm. Watson - died 1903 age 83
 B. B. Free 1854 / 1934 and M. J. Free 1854 / 1927 Jimmie Swan 1836 / 1922 and Nannie Swan 1848 / 1934  K. S. Chancey 1863 / 1892
Brian Carl Whiting 1970 / 2001 Monument w/4 sides bears name on each side ; (1) J. T. Scott
(2) I. T. Scott
(3) Thomas Chancey
(4) M. E. Chancey
 Mrs. Elizabeth Sanders 1834 / 1887
 J. W. Sanders 1821 / 1901  Mary A. Sanders 1855 / 1926 and E.G. Sanders 1855 / 1935 John Carroll 1936
Randolph Chancey 1833 / 1920 CSA J. W. Chestnut 1863 / 1921 Missouri Chancey 1850 / 1886 (w/o G.W.) and G. W. Chancey 1847 / 1901
  Alexander Chancey 1839 / 1908 and Nancy Chancey 1841 / 1919  


Bowen Cemetery
Deb & D. J.

This cemetery is on private property and access to info and close-up photos are denied but cemetery can be seen from road on which it is located ....... Stubblefield Road , Lufkin

Cemetery View #1

Cemetery View #2


Boykin Cemetery
Deb & D. J.

Cemetery Entrance

Wilson Family Markers
Susie Boykin 1841 / 1912 Cemetery View w / Boykin Family Members under tree



Brazil Cemetery
Deb & D. J.

 Long Distance View

Front View

Back View

 A.J.Brazil 1831 - 1885 and M.A.Brazil 1843 - no death date engraved  Inf. of Mr.& Mrs.A.J.Brazil 1870 - 1872 Inf. of Mr.& Mrs.A.J.Brazil Aug.1878 - Oct.1878
 H.M.Brazil 1874 - 1885   Tennessee Brazil 1884 - 1891


Brown Cemetery
Deb & D. J.

Brown Cemetery Sign

Cemetery sign & View 1
Cemetery View  



The Burrous Graves

They are 3 members of a family named Burris, Burrous, Bourrous ( spelled all these ways on the
tombstones and in history ) ,...the parents and 1 of their 11 children are buried in this spot that used to be the flower garden of Mrs. Burrous.
Deb & D. J.

Mrs. E. Burrous
died 5-14-1901 age 81

Samuel Burris
(Burrous - Bourrous)
1811-1890 married to Eliza Squyres 1837

James Burris
1840-1864 CSA son of Eliza & Samuel Burris who was hanged


Carrell Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Carrell Cemetery sign
View of Carrell Cemetery
G. T. W. Collins
Martha A. Bridges
wife of G. T. W. Collins
Sgt. James Treadwell
Tennie Treadwell
William B. H. Carrell
 Mary Ann Treadwell Carrell
wife of William Buford Hall Carrell


Carson Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

NOTE : There are several other Carson family members buried here that have no marker.

Glenn K.Sanders 1883-1884 s/o E.G.& M.A.(Carson) Sanders

   Edwin A.Harry 10-23-1868/10-25-1868  (this is a doublesided marker, see next photo) Ema Augusta (Carson) Harry w/o E.R.Harry d/o A.M.& L.A.H.Carson
b.3-5-1847 / d. not clear , looks like 1883
Cemetery Angle 1 Cemetery Angle 2 Cemetery Angle 3
  Cemetery Angle 4  



Cassells Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

All 4 Burial Markers in Cemetery
Fannie R.Ward , M.E. Dearmond wife of Dr.Cassells, Dr.W.H.Cassells and W.H.Cassells
Dr. W.H.Cassells


Cedar Grove Cemetery
Deb & D. J.

View of Cemetery

View of Cemetery

View of Cemetery

View of Cemetery Cemetery View .. with Pension markers in foreground Augusta Hawthorne
 Jack Everidge ( foreground ) & Bessie Everidge ( background ) Nun I. Evans ( Father ) & Melvin Evans ( Son ) Melia Charlton 1801 / 1917 ( *** note : 116 yrs. old *** )
 Joe E. Charlton died Aug.1921 age 67 yrs.  Davis Family Markers Mary Davis 1864 / 1965


Chambers Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Chambers Cemetery
Chambers Cemetery Roadside Sign
Inf. dau. of J.T. & Grace Chambers
Robert & "Bama" Chambers
Della & Chas. A. Chambers , M.D.
Jacob F. Powell
1841-1929 Civil War


Clarks Ferry Cemetery

A Texas Historical Marker cemetery.
A cemetery in need of restoration.

The following photos are of all the grave markers that were visible at the time of my survey. This cemetery is in need of
reclamation, it is very overgrown and heavily wooded. I may have missed some gravesites.
Deb & D. J.

Cemetery View
Density of cemetery grounds
Unidentified plot
Jorden - Woodmen of the World Memorial
Emaline Wiley
Caroline Wiley
Jefferson D. Smith
Obediah Rhames
Martha Jane Boone Rhames Smith Wiley
 J. D.Smith
William H. Wiley
Morris ( Peter or Poter )
Sarah Jane Minerva ( ? Saxon )
Alvin Hamby
Sullivan , Patrick F. and Mattie H.
Thomas Hamby
(?) T.H. son of A.N.& M.E.Roberts
Mary Price
 John Wiley
Eliza Boone
Ellen Keen Morris
Louisa wife of Peter Morris
Beatrice C. Morris Hill


Cochran Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Unknown infant Boy
found at home of J.K.Lovelady on 4-1 and died 4-3-1899 MAN WHO ARE YOU 
Cochran Cemetery Gate


Concord Cemetery

This is a cemetery that is made up of 10 or more relocated cemeteries ..they were moved
in 1959-1960 when Lake Sam Rayburn was constructed.
Deb & D. J.

Monument to Concord Cemetery History, erected by Gibson Funeral Home
Section of cemetery known as "Smith-Unknown"
Monument in Memory of Smith and Unknown Section
Partial View of Concord Cemetery
Green & wife Pearl McGilberry both born Feb. 1895
A. L. son of M.C. McGilbery
(only 1 "R" in name) 1872 /1916
Leonard K. & Cora E.Sinclair
W. B. Sinclair (left) born 1854 and Nancy Ellen Sinclair (right) born 1861
M. M. McGilbery (left) born 1857 and Martha McGilbery (right) born 1862
Mary & Rev. Jesse C.Hensarling
Eliza Jane & John Thomas Hensarling
 Jesse C. Hensarling Confederate States Army 1821-1896
Thomas Robert Parker 1919-1919
LayFayett Parker
husband of Missouri Parker 1857-1883
Martin D. & Sadie C. Marshall
Renalder Hopson 1878-1936
Linnie Hensarling
"First Grave in Cemetery"
C. K. Marshall 1844-1924
Mattie Mott 1883-1919
Nancy Jane Hopson 1881-1980


Crain Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Crain Cemetery Entrance / sign

Cemetery View Hollingsworth Family Markers
Mettlen Family Markers J. W. & Vinie Crain J. T. & Sarah Crain
Nick & Lillian Crain ( photo on marker) W. J. & F. E. Crain ( photo on maker) More Crain Family Markers
P. T.  & E. A. Havard Thomas P. Moseley w/o T. P. Moseley


Crawford Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Cemetery View
Monument in Memory of Jesse B.Crawford (1850-1916) and wife Betty (1856-1916)
Moley Crawford
dau. of Jesse B. and Betty Crawford (1886-1902)
Mary Gibson Beasley
Martha Jane Goodwin Dunn
w/o Geo. W. Dunn 1861-1889


Crocker Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Location : On private property in Angelina County.
I wish to thank my guide to this gravesite,who wishes to remain anonymous.

This is the resting place for the remains of :
Virgil A. Crocker
SP4 US Army Vietnam

Photo #1 & Photo #2


Davis Memorial Garden
Deb & D. J.

 Cemetery Sign at Entrance

Views of Cemetery

Views of Cemetery

Views of Cemetery  Ollie E. and L. W. Wheeler Mose Hawthorne
 Missie Dennings Lizzie Knighton Jim Porter Allen
Jessie Clay Virgil Ross  


Dunc (Dunk) Havard Cemetery
Deb & D. J.

Newer cemetery addition on opposite side of road

Dunc / Dunk Havard Cemetery ( main section ) Cemetery View
Charlie B.Day 1890 / 1980 Day Family Markers Roberson ( or Robinson ) Family
William Best 1883 / 1888 ( at base of massive tree ) Tinze Havard (?) Only identification on grave - Tinze Havard
Cryer Family Markers J.H. & Laura Cryer John James Tatum
Hollingsworth Marker Beautiful Massive Tree  



Dunkin Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Dunkin Cemetery Entrance
H.W. Dunkin
Kinchin A. Watson
1829-1894 CSA Physician


Dunn / Aldredge Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

View of Cemetery
William E. & Mary Frances Aldredge
Ida L. ( Stanley ) Dunn
Obadiah Waller Hopper 1822-1871
William Travis Swor
Hill Family Graves
(markers not clear ) dates on center stone are 1838-1920


Durham / Redtown Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

View of Cemetery

View of Cemetery

Joe & Martha Redd

Apollos Durham 1890-1969

Durham Family Markers

Bob Clivie Red 1908-1923

 Lonnie Redd 1870-1926 Shumaker Family Markers  


Emporia Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Emporia Cemetery undergoing renovation (June 2004)

Cemetery View 1

Cemetery View 2

Cemetery View 3

 Ben W. Anthony 1894 / 1971

Rebecca Jane Anthony

Joe Anthony 1878 / 1917 Jane Anthony 1856 / 1922 (old marker)  Jane Anthony 1856 / 1922 (new marker)
 Ann Chandler 1852 / 1932  Unidentified graves marked only by old petrified stones Isaac E. Waltman 1816 / 1885
William E. Waltman s/o M. E.& W. E. Waltman d.1882 W. E. Waltman 1859 / 1920 Waltman , Emily M. Courtney
  Ezzie Anthony 1898 / 1921  


Ewing Cemetery

Deb & D. J.
with permission from Karen & Kelly Mitchell

Ewing Family 
Overgrown Graves View
Ewing Family
Overgrown Cemetery View


Fairchild / Dubose Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Rebecca wife of A. J. Smith
died 1864 age 42
A. J. Smith
died 1865 age 51
Monument to William Henry Fairchild 1803-1867, 7th Sheriff of Angelina County, and A.P.Dubose 1885-1919
David Breazeale
1839-1926 CSA
New headstones replacing old


Fairview Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery Plot Map / Name Locator
W. L. Coyle 1825-1906
A. T.  Ellis 1848-1914 & wife M. J. 1849-1906 ( inside white picket enclosure )


Forest Haven Cemetery
Deb & D. J.

Forest Haven Entrance

Cemetery View

Cemetery View

 Monument reads : In Loving Memory of Diboll Citizens Who Served This
Community With Loyalty and Devotion

Old Diboll Section View 1

Old Diboll Section View 2

Old Diboll Section View 3




Frank Boykin Cemetery

Betty Ann Thompson

Francis Monroe "Frank" Boykin
Sterling Boykin


Freeman Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Right Side of Cemetery View
Left Side of Cemetery View
David B. Freeman 1797-1869 & Talitha T. Freeman 1825-1916
Doss Largent 
1890-1970 D. A. R.
William M. Largent ( Father) 1838-1915
Lydia A. Largent ( Mother) 1844-1938
Isaac A. Thompson
Clercy Spears
Clercy's Twin
M. A. "Mug" and Belle Rusk
M. F. Bullock
James Hardy Loftin
1889-1975 Born in Cherokee County


Frost Cemetery 

aka Strangers Rest Cemetery
Deb & D. J.

Monument Erected by Angelina Co. Historical Commision
Lists of all known burials from 1901-1947
Strangers Rest Cemetery Texas Historical Commision Marker


Gann Cemetery

Lufkin, TX
Elaine Hubbard Stone

Gann Cemetery & Information Sign
Alexander H. & Sarah Irene Hubbard
James Homer & Evelyn Ruth Hubbard
James Sept.22, 1903-June 08, 1982
Evelyn Mar. 27, 1917-July 13, 1970
Ezekiel & Lillie Lee Huffman
Ezekiel Oct. 26, 1892-Apr. 25, 1968
Lillie Jan. 10, 1901-June 22, 1989


Garden of Memories Cemetery

Deb & D. J.
Cemetery Sections

Last Supper Chapel & Mausoleum
Phase I and Phase II Mausoleum's
Columnbarium Niches
Sunset Chapel and Mausoleum
Crepe Myrtle
Garden Entrance
Woodland 300
Oak Lawn
Red Bud
Oak View
Bird Bath
Sun Dial
Rose Arbor
Garden of the Last Supper
( West - East view )
( South - North view )
Memory Garden
( North - South view )
( North - South view )
( South - North view )
Memory Garden
( South - North view )
Garden Crypts Section
Swearingen Crypt
Womack Crypt
Gutierrez Crypt
Weatherby Crypt
Meyer Crypt


Gilbert Chapel Cemetery

aka Bald Hill Cemetery
Deb & D. J.

Gilbert Chapel sign
View of cemetery
(cemetery sits on small hill)
Moody & Bessie Gilbert
Moody(close up)
Bessie(close up)
Married April 9 , 1932


Gilliland-Boykin Cemetery

Betty Ann Thompson

Cemetery Photo 1

Cemetery Photo 2

Deb & D. J.

Cemetery View 1

Cemetery View 2

Cemetery View 3

Sam Gilliland 1807-1890 Citizen of the Republic Samuel B. Dearmond 1881-1907 James L. Gilliland 1840-1918


Glendale-Hillcrest-Knight-IOOF/OddFellow Cemetery

 Deb & D. J.

ALL the following cemeteries are in the same location just different sections : Glendale Cemetery, Hillcrest Cemetery , Knight Cemetery , Oddfellows Cemetery / IOOF Cemetery.

Glendale Entrance Column Entrance Drive View 1
View 2 View 3 View 4
View 5 A.W.Eillis 1845 / 1911 Rush Family Markers
Capt.C.A.Rush 1838 / 1928 and wife Fannie 1850 / 1912 DeSpain Family Marker McNairy Markers
View 6    

 Carla Karbowski Clifton

Henderson Headstone

Henderson Overview Daniel James Henderson Nancy Carrie (White) Henderson

 Deb & D. J.

Hillcrest Entrance & View 1 View 2 View 3


Knight Cemetery Monument Knight Family Markers Chester L. Searcy d.1929 age 23 yrs.
William Irwin Handley 1839 Dale co. , Ala. / 1905 Lufkin TX Alice Roper Handley 1849 Choctaw CO , Ala / 1934 Shreveport , LA James I. Handley 1871 / 1931
(left) Otho P. Beall , Co.G , 1 Ga. Inf. Sp. Am. War
(right) Geo. R. Callingham , 4 Texas Inf. Sp. Am. War
Collins Family Markers:
Callie (Samford) d/o G. J. & F. A. Collins
F. A. w/o G. J. Collins
G. J. Collins


IOOF / Oddfellow Cemetery Sign & Entrance View of Oddfellow Section Sectional view of cemeteries displaying divisions by driveways.
IOOF (right of drive)
Hillcrest (center)
Knight (under trees)
Glendale (beyond trees)


Grimes Cemetery

Connie Hilton Garcia

Grimes Cemetery Photographs


Hans Cemetery
Deb & D. J.

Cemetery Sign Overall Cemetery View Malcom & Lillie Scales
Iron Roscoe & Mildred Russum Tootle William Edward & Morine Batson Hans Batson Family Markers
  "Hank" Hendrick Woensdregt  


Hawkins Cemetery
Deb & D. J.

Cemetery Photo 1
Cemetery Photo 2


Herrington Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Catherine wife of James Herrington
Monument to Joseph Herrington
Tenny dau. of James & Catherine Herrington
Texas Historical Commision Marker
in recognition of Joseph Herrington 1823-1889 1st Chief Justice of County, who served 5 terms and is buried here


Hoshall Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Hoshall Historical Texas Cemetery Marker
Bryan Crawford 1907-1908
Powell Family Monument


Huntington & Oddfellow Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Huntington Cemetery sign & view

Cemetery View Cemetery View
Cemetery View Cemetery View  


Huntington Odd Fellows Cemetery sign

Cemetery View Cemetery View

Ivy Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Cyrus K. Ivy 

1814-1890 Confederate States Army

 Ivy Cemetery Est.1873

Cemetery View

Cemetery View

Wm. J. Ivy 1859 / 1894

 Cyrus Ivy b.1814 in Ga./ d.1890 in Angelina Co.
and Alice White Ivy 1825 / 1904

 Mary Ann Ivy 1872 / 1944 and Jefferson Davis Ivy 1861 / 1926

 Betty J. Soderquist 1935 / 1998

Travis W. Hawkins 1875 / 1887 s/o J. M. & M. Hawkins

J. M. Hawkins d.Jan.1902 age 64 yrs.

Mary Hawkins 1843 / 1918 (newer stone)

Mary Hawkins old original stone only death date is visible Aug.10,1918

 Travis C. Hawkins 1835 / 1902 s/o B.F. & C.E.

Inf. d/o Mr.& Mrs. B. F. Hawkins Aug.1906 / Sept.1906

 J. F. Forest s/o W.M. & P. J. d.Dec.5,1873 age 2 mon.

Johnie A. Forrest 1886 / 1898 s/o W.M. & P. J.

Jane Priscilla Forrest

 William Forrest Co. D 22 Texas Inf. CSA

Nannie V. Scarbrough 1895 / 1960 and James P. Scarbrough 1876 / 1960

Helen Mayes Forrest 1930 / 2004

Coy Henry Conner 1945 / 1999

 Jodie B. Conner 1913 / 1999 and Rosa L. Conner 1916 / 2003  Jennifer DeAnn Horton 1974 / 1992  Jeannine Collier 1953 / 1999



John Dollarhide Memorial Cemetery
Deb & D. J.

Location is on private property / Dollarhide Hunting Club ,South Angelina Co.


Cemetery View 1


Cemetery View 2 Cemetery View 3 Cemetery View 4


Johnson Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Note : Also buried here but no markers found in July 2004 for Lelia May Johnson 1893 / 1896 or Mary Stanley age 64 yrs. no dates on stone from original survey in 1967 / could have overlooked them due to the condition of burial grounds

Cemetery View 1

Cemetery View Closeup Elizabeth Pickering 1835 Ala. / 1915 Texas w/o Dr.John G. Pickering
 Dr.John G.Pickering 1818 Ms./ 1917 Texas
Veteran of the Battle of San Jacinto
J.R.Johnson 1825 / 1875 Unidentified rock ( could be rock with initials J.H.J. listed in original survey)
Perlina O. Johnson 1862 / 1885 Consort of W.T. W.T.Johnson May 1854 / Aug.1929 Lucinda Johnson Feb.1875 / Nov.1940
Billey Johnson 1907 / 1908 Broken stone of Nancy J.Johnson 1825 / 1917
(Only words still visible are: "In Memory of our mother Nancy....")


Jonesville Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Jonesville Cemetery 1836 Sign Cemetery sign & View 1 Cemetery View 2
Cemetery View 3 Cemetery View 4 Jonesville Cemetery Black Section View 1
Cemetery View 2 Cemetery View 3 Cemetery View 4


Kelty's Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Kelty's Cemetery sign
Penry Family
Bonner Family
Avery L.Entsler
C. C.Cook (on right) and T. E.Cook (broken / inside iron fence)
Pounds Monument
J. T. 1812-1895 & Mary G. 1822-1896
Mantooth Crypts / Monuments
(Louis, Edwin Wood, Thomas Winfred)
Lather Family
(forefront).....Mantooth's in back)
Calvin S.Mims 
James A. 1827-1887
Lucinda Denton 1829 - 1916
"Little" Hattie Lula Clark (d/o L.B.& S.J.Clark ) & "Little" Thelma (d/o Charles L. & Elma Clark Bonner)
Kelty's Cemetery
Lost, Recently Reclaimed Section
This section recently reclaimed (Dec.2003) , was found to have the following readable / clearly visible names in it (as well as many unknown / unreadable markers.)  Photos are in no particular order. They are of all markers that were re-discovered , (readable & unreadable)

Reclaimed Area View
Ruby Ford Clark
Earl Ford & Brady Doucles
3 unreadable old mortuary tags
Jonas Reece & Rossie Lee Reece
Stone w/ 2 names : Cotter / Cotten  ? ? son , 18 yrs. &  ? Davis died 1912 age 45 yrs.
Celia Penson
Tressie Charlton
Alma Cherry
Charlie Adams
Robert C. Taylor, Sr.
Unreadable pink stone , name ? born 10-31-? , passed ?
Hesey Penson &  W. H. Vanderbilt Penson
R. L. Demby
Geneaver Forest
J. M. Kenedy
Evins Jones Murphree
Charley D.Walker
Chester B. Collins, Jr.
Vernon Humphery
Charlie Turner
Jane Turner
Alfred George Wheeler
precious baby son 
(beloved mother Doris J. Wheeler)


Lang Cemetery
aka Redland Cemetery
Deb & D. J.

Cemetery View

 William Gordon Lang 1814 / 1867 *First Surveyor of Angelina Co. 1846*
*Daughters of the Republic of Texas*

Nancy Lang ( d.1869 ) & W. G. Lang ( d.1867)

Harrison Looney Legg 1877 / 1957 Marcus C. St.Clair 1900 / 1960 Hariet E. Evans 1848 / 1884 w/o E. D. Evans
   Benjimen F. Hill 1836 / 1873
Elmina Lang Hill 1846 / 1930
Nannie Hill 1872 / 1965


Largent Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Partial view of this large sprawling hilltop cemetery
Leonard & Effie Largent
Willie B. Blackburn
William Watts Dunn
Maj. 3 Brigade Texas State Trp. Confederate States Army 1824-1891
James G. Hill
1819-1901(?) C.S.A.
Geo.W. Brock
"Woodmen of the World Memorial"
Evans, William 1844-1919 & Minerva Largent 1847-1917
Joel B. Russell
Everett, Mary S. 1856-1944 & 
A. H. 1852-1932
View of the many EVANS Family Tombstones
(tall one in center is Kate Evans 1871-1905)


LaRue Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

View of Cemetery
Chester and Rannie Massingill
Uncle Jimmy LaRue
3-16-1910 Aged 96 yrs. 6 dys.


McBride/McBryde Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Nevin Baxter McBryde 1821-1896 & Matilda DuBoze McBryde 1827-1890
( married 1848 )

Nancy A. Welch died 1892 w/o O.C.Welch Unknown Graves Inside & Outside Of Fence
( believed to be as many as 100 )

Overall Cemetery View



McCall Family Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

McCall Cemetery View
Candis D. McCall 1863-1945
Daniel McCall 1824-1910


McCarty Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

McCarty Cemetery a Texas Historic Cemetery
Sallie Arrington 1810-1871
Mary McCarty 1820-1881
Orange McCarty Sr. 1813-1897
William Arrington 1812-1903


McKindree Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Cemetery View

Cemetery View

George W. Massengill 1794 - 1884 War of 1812

J.F. Brookshire 1846 - 1873 CSA

Marion Harvey 1844 - 1880

Unidentifiable Petrified Gravesites

Albritton Family Markers  E.M. Albritton 1843 - 1910 and wife Mary Ann 1848 - 1935  John and Ruth Albritton
Sarah ( 1858-1950 ) and William ( 1857-1898) Ridgeway Burl H. Jones 1879 - 1916 Woodmen of the World Memorial  Paul John Radke 1877 - 1960
Minnie Lee West 1880 - 1965  William M. West 1870 - 1947 Winfred Frederick Burns 1924 - 1988


McKnight Cemetery
Deb & D. J.

Cemetery View

Cemetery View

J. G. McKnight 1829 / 1913 ( only remaining stone that is clearly readable
........others stones not readable are Lucy M.McKnight w/o J.G. 1830 / 1900 and
........Horace H.McKnight 1854 / 1887 )


McNeil / McNiel Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Cemetery Signs
McNiel Cemetery Entrance
Oliver McNiel  1821-1870
(or McNeil)


Monastery of the Infant Jesus Cemetery

Deb & D. J.

Monastery Entrance
( note: please respect the fact that the Monastery and it's cemetery , though parklike and beautifully maintained , is private and not accessable to the general public )

Monastery View 1 Monastery View 2




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